5.1 Home Theater Setup.
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Is this normal?

I have my PC connected to my Yamaha AVR, then from the Yamaha AVR, out to my TV.

When my TV is off, Windows 10 says the output device is the name of the AVR.

When my TV is on, Windows 10 says the output device is the name of my TV.

TV Off:

DSP Program: Surround Decoder
Audio Decoder: PCM/Neo6:Music
Sound output in Windows 10: TSR-700 (My Yamaha AVR model number)

TV On:

DSP Program: Surround Decoder
Audio Decoder: PCM
Sound output in Windows 10: PIONEER-TV (My TV model)

With the TV on, I'm only hearing the front left and right speakers used. Even though the decoder is still set to upmix to surround.

This is when I play a digital audio file, or CD.

If I play a DVD or Blu Ray, I get the desired sound output format.
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Good news. After a 3 hour, 1 minute call with Yamaha (on hold for most of it), they found the solution.

When my TV is on, and I am playing music, I use "All Channel Stereo" sound mode. That will send the sound to all my speakers, from my PC.
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From 1998-2016, I had a 44 watt subwoofer with my computer speakers, and I was happy with it. It wore down in 2016.

I just got a SVS SB-2000 Pro for a home theater.

My room is about 21.5' L x 12' W' with a upwards sloping ceiling that probably goes 12-14 feet high.

For some content, with my sub near the TV and me on the couch, the SB-2000 Pro isn't producing the output that I want. I already increased the volume on the app to 0dB; set the bass tone control to high on the AVR; and set the AVR sub volume to +6 dB.

I don't think I want to stress it more. It is fine for some content, but there is one track where I want more, and that was something I could do with my old subwoofer.

I don't want dual subwoofers. And I don't want something extremely heavy, as it is difficult for one person to move around or set up.

I want to stick with another SVS for comparison. I had already ruled out Hsu due to weight and how some models were backordered. I also ruled out Rythmik due to similar weights of their models (69-80 lbs.)

The SVS representative suggested the PB-16 Ultra, but that is $2500, and also 174 lbs.

The rep thinks the high ceiling might be an issue.

What do you think about the SVS PB-2000 Pro (ported, 64 lbs), the PC-2000 Pro (ported, cylindrical, 47 lbs.), or the PB-3000 (ported, 82 lbs)?

The PB-3000 seems too heavy again, and is also $500 more.

So I think it's down to SVS PB-2000 Pro or PC-2000 Pro.
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I'm having trouble playing music with the SVS PB-2000 Pro, from my PC.

I don't have a 2.1 mode in my sound settings.

I set it to 5.1, then on the next screen, unselected center channel, and rear speakers.

Then it asks which speakers are full range. At first I unselected both front and subwoofer.

However it still didn't sound like it was using the sub.

So I went through the configuration again, and selected them both as full range.

It still didn't sound like it was using the sub.

Also, I tried connecting both RCA to the LFE inputs on my sub, as well as connecting only the red one.

It still didn't sound like it was using the sub.

I can hear the dialog and music, it just doesn't seem to be using the sub.

Ok, I opened up SupremeFX and selected "enable bass management".

When I do the audio test, everything sounds right. Left Channel, right channel, subwoofer.

But when I play something, it doesn't sound right.

I even tried the setting to "swap center / subwoofer output" that's in the SupremeFX.

Here is the manual for the motherboard:

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I have had the Hsu VTF-3 for a few weeks.

After almost two weeks of tech support with Hsu, and having the amp replaced, we can't figure out why I'm getting low output. Even after the amp replacement.

We tried several different setting changes.

And I can barely tell it's on, when I'm 2-3 feet away. It moves, but there's little output.

I'm sending it back. Hopefully they figure something out.

I could still be doing something wrong, but if I am, we can't figure out what. I'm trying the same settings on the receiver from the SVS PB, to the Hsu, and no matter what adjustments I make, I can feel output a few feet away with the SVS PB, but not with the Hsu.

Meanwhile, I still want to try one 15" subwoofer before my trial with the SVS PB 2000 Pro ends. I am thinking about the PSA V1512DF.

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