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Oct 20, 2012
So I just sold my sound card to another member, and I am back to using on board audio..........sort of.

I have the asus maximus v gene which has the supreme fx 3 sound card on it. So it is fancy on board audio. The specs on the on board audio say I do have 8 channel audio out. I am using an optical cable to a harman kardon receiver (AVR 110 is the model number).

I have the sound working sort of (I will get to that in a second). I can listen to music play videos and all that fun stuff. However. The issue is that it is only playing in 2 channels. Not 5.1 nor 2.1, but just 2.

The odd thing is that when I am under the sound manager, it gives me the option of playing in dolby digital. When I do that and hit test, both my receiver and PC says everything is in 5.1, and sure enough, it does test in 5.1. (my receiver has a little LCD that lets me know which speakers are working, ie 2 speakers for 2, 6 speakers for 5.1, yadda yadda)

Now as soon as I click on anything else like a music file, or even a youtube video that I know is meant for 5.1 since it is a test video for 5.1 audio, everything (even the receiver LCD screen) immediately goes back to 2 channel audio, and the only thing that will get 5.1 back is to go back into the options to set it again.

If my pc is testing 5.1 with dolby, then I should be able to get it working. I would like thoughts and opinions of what I might have done wrong.

The next issue is been bugging me for some time. My receiver will also completely turn off if the audio gets too loud. You basically have to mute things, to get the thing to work for any long period of time. Sometimes it will work great for weeks. Other times it will go on and off all day.

I have though about a possible short in the wire since that seems the most likely, but there are no shorts that I can find with my multimeter/continuitymeter.

Any ideas on how to stop that??

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