Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by qoweg, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Qoweg
  2. Hybrys
    USB devices identify themselves to the device manager.  From there, Windows will install a generic driver, and the unit will be known to the computer as a generic USB Audio Device.
    This is, unless there are drivers included with the product, as some manufacturers do include them to add additional functionality.  IE: Musiland Monitor drivers add 24/96 over USB support.
  3. Qoweg
  4. Equus
    You should be fine unless the device has special functions, like Hybrys said.  In those cases, you should probably be receiving the drivers with the device anyway.
    There's sometimes slight differences from device to device as to what it communicates itself as to the device manager, but in the end it should be recognizable as a sound device.  Not sure about other OS, but on Windows XP to bypass any internal soundcard you can go into the audio devices setup and select it.

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