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    I was just discussing it here: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/498063/do-my-motherboard-s-spdif-outputs-go-through-the-onboard-sound-card/30#post_6726008
    PSU quality, galvanic isolation from the computer, they all affect the SQ.
    soundcards like the stx/halo xt use a $2 IC and call it a "top range headphones amplifier"...this is a major lie.
    an internal soundcard suffers from:
    -EMI/RFI hostile environment
    -shared ground with the other components
    -high ripple from the ATX PSU
    -lack or room/thickness so manufacturers are forced to use integrated components
    -and more reasons I'm sure [​IMG]
    and if you meant onboard sound, these are ASIC's that are supposed to do everything at once...they do it all, but very poorly.
    a RMAA measurement on a Realtek: http://www.mediafire.com/?tuy3myzu1my
    and on a DAC running off a linear regulated PSU: http://www.firestone.idv.tw/rmaa/spitfire.htm

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