1g and 2g iTouch Case, review + pictures!
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You can try the Gelaskins, which are supposedly very good and quiet popular.

Yeah they look brilliant. Did you buy one? How its look?
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Originally Posted by nsx_23 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I was going to get one, but ended up getting a BSE instead.

Maybe I will grab one from GelaSkins. they have Audrey Kawasaki (one of my fav) work,awesome skins! although no Audrey work on Touch, but i can grab one for my laptop.

Without GelaSkin you told me, I def grab a BSE cuz i really hate the ugly cases.......

And another question is.... may i apply a GelaSkin on a BSE skin? I found that Gelaskin cannot protect the Touch's for corner....How's BSE work?
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And I forgot to thank u that giving this website~~~~~~~
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I got the ZAG InvisibleShield this past weekend and applied it to my iPod Touch 2G. So far it's been pretty good.

I got the "full body" protection which features a back piece and a front piece to cover the screen. Thus far I have only applied the back piece to protect the metal back. I don't think I will be applying the front piece as the screen is made of glass and is pretty scratch resistant. I am also hesitant to apply the front cover as I think it will negatively affect screen clarity and touch feel (the InvisibleShield has a slight grip feel to it, not smooth like the bare glass).

Installation was not super easy but not super hard either. Just need to be careful. The InvisibleShield comes with some spray "lubricant" that you apply to the film before applying it to the iPod. The concept here is for the moving meniscus of liquid to carry with it all the little air bubbles, etc as you lay the protector on. In practice it works after you get the hang of it- apply the lubricating solution liberally as I tried the first time with not enough solution and it was difficult to apply smoothly. I removed the film and re-did it applying more lubricant and things went on a lot easier. The hardest part was getting it positioned correctly (making sure the cutouts for headphone jack, power button, and volume rocker all lined up) and also getting the little tabs on the corner to adhere strongly. I'd suggest being very careful and not handling/stretching the corner tabs at all while handling the film. It's on there pretty good now but the corners don't fit on as tight as I'd like.

As far as aesthetics go the case is pretty hard to see, but if you turn the iPod touch over and look at the back it's clear there is a film on it. This is because the surface of the film is slightly rough and you can see it in the light. Scratch protection seems very good though and you certainly can't complain about any bulk.

I'm probably going to get a really slim slip pouch for the iPod as well, those Sena ones look pretty sweet- or maybe even splurge for one of those fancy Vaja cases. But in themeantime my Gameboy Micro soft pouch does the trick and the InvisibleShield is protecting the metal backing from scratches.

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I really think you should put some sort of screen protector on the front, as the screen will scratch.

I'm just using a generic screen protector, not the one that came with my BSE.

two screen protectors for front will come with GelaSkin for back. But I think I can put the BSE first, and then apply the Gela one~
They will cover everyplace for Touch i think
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Does any Melbournians know where I can pickup a Switcheasy Rebeltouch 2G? I was told the comp now store at Doncaster stocks them, but thats too far away. Anybody know if stores in Chadstone stock them?
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Update on Rebel case:

The Rebel case is nice and all, but you have to take into consideration that the case will limit you to what headphones you can use. A small part of the case surrounds the jack just enough to prevent you from connecting plugs as thick as the Denon 5000 and the Belkin 3.5mm extension cord. However, the se530 and cx300 will fit the Rebel just fine. You can always alter\cut the case that covers the jack if you're skilled enough.. OR you can use a QUALITY extension to plug in your big headphones (the one that came with my Rebel is either defective or it's a piece of junk).
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how are you liking the Sena slim leather slip case? I picked one up today from the apple store when I exchanged my USB charger due to the recall. After putting it on once or twice it seems like the fit is too tight and it is difficult to both get the iPod touch all the way in and also pull it out. I think part of the problem is that I have the invisible shield installed, making the back of my iPod a little more grippy than usual. But I really do not like the fit of the case and will probably return it. Does the fit loosen much with use?

How about those vaja cases? Is the fit on those better? I see that the seams of their simple slip case are on the outside and not the inside. The Sena case has the seams on the inside which contribute a lot to the tight fit I think.

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Originally Posted by david21 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The purpose of this thread is for people to post pictures\links of their iTouch 1g/2g cases they've used. You can include a small review of the pros/cons of the case if you'd like.

This will make it easier for all of us to compare what cases are out there and keep thread-jacking to a minimum (who would do such a thing?

Verge (works for 1g and 2g) - Ive been very pleased with this wallet-style case considering it only costs $9. The flap has 2 magnets to keep it closed and I have to admit that it looks pretty darn good when it's closed. Check it out at your local Circuit City. ( Buy the Verge Leather Case for iPod touch - Black and other iPod touch accessories at circuitcity.com )



This one gets my vote. Very professional looking.
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Posted this on the ipod touch fans forum as well.

I've been trying to get my hands on a rebeltouch for quiet some time now, and my local Apple retailer finally got the black ones in stock today.

However, as soon as I bought it, I encountered a problem: My 2G touch, which has a BSE, wouldn't fit into the hard plastic backing (The soft bit was fine). So I ran straight back to the store and asked if one of the salespersons could check if the case was defective or something.

In the end, he ended up ripping a section of my BSE straight off the touch trying to fit the hard plastic backing, and ruined the bottom edge of my screen protector.

I guess my previous combo of BSE + Cheapo ebay silicone skin worked best. Now I have to order another BSE......Not happy at all.

I wonder if the Griffin silicone skins would fit fine. I found this one on ebay: Griffin FlexGrip Case for iPod Touch 2G RED & BLACK NEW - eBay Cases, For iPod, iPod MP3 Accessories, Electronics. (end time 01-Nov-08 09:51:50 AEDST)

They look like conventional silicone skins, so they should have a bit more give to fit the BSE underneath right?
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dont bother silicone skin again, it will make iPod Touch look cheap....and I cant bear its touching feeling.

I think only BSE is enough~~
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I recently purchased a case from DLO and like it so far! It came with a free screen cover, which I couldn't put on without serious bubble issues so I scrapped it in favor of Palm Treo screen protector I had laying around.

This is for the 1G iPhone Touch- I don't know if there is a 2G option, but as the Rebeltouch doesn't fit the 1G I went with this option from Staples for $19.99.





::edit:: re-sized images to 800x600 also I'm going to take off the screen protector I think as it doesn't seem as smooth as the glass

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