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11th Vienna Meet Impressions Thread

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  1. ampair
    Ladies & Gentlemen,
    It was a lovely afternoon and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Please post your pictures and impressions to let others know of the great time we shared!
    See you next time,
  2. FritzS

    It was a nice day with interesting discussions and insights.
    Specially K872 and Mysphere.
  3. hrklg01 Contributor
    First of all I want to thank you very much for the great Organization and the perfect atmosphere!
    It was a great honor for the whole Team of Mysphere 3.1 to became the chance to demo two different Audio-Prototype samples of our new headphone. (it was not real prototypes because of the 3-D printed plastic material used)
    As explained, the purpose of this demo, was just to get better understanding of tow Points:
    1) Wear and Fit and acceptance Level of our new headband construction
    2) Audio Impression receptions of the two different adjusted test headphones.
    It's clear that these samples will not be in any kind final audio tuning. It was the purpose to demo potential only and to get feedback to learn.
    This samples reproduce great impulse response capabilities.
    For example we prepared - during extensive previous sessions :wink:  .. a lot of beer capsules capable to produce a quite perfect "click".
    These capsules was distributed during our meet.
    The Sound of this click was recorded by a good microphone on ear. You find this record on the dropbox link below.
    When using it - you can judge your own Audio Equipment and compare it with the reality.
    I promise you, that we will find many room for improvements left. And one Thing is true: With the presented Mysphere 3.1 protos, this "click" is produced much better than any other headphone could. But also, using this, the nature is still much stronger, faster, sharper, ...
    Please feel free to send PM's telling about your impressions.
    Again, many thanks!
    Yours heinz
  4. hrklg01 Contributor
    Sorry! It was really very little time left (after all the discussions we had) to serve you with measurements.
    Hope next time we can do more if interest exist.
    However, please see attached the measurements we did.
    BR heinz
  5. noplsestar
    It's a pitty I wasn't able to make it to the meeting. Please keep on posting impressions!
  6. musikverein
    First of all, I would like to thank you for the interesting hours and the cool and nice atmosphere, which actually sounded quite mannered for the many head-fi gadgets and the excited atmosphere. I was there for the first time. Kudos to the organizers and the Mysphere team - and their first elchtest. (take that, Google translate :p)
  7. xxx1313
    Many thanks to ampair and all the organisers of this meet! It was great, as always. There was so much gear to test, but I spent much more time talking with you guys around there. It was much fun and there was some interesting stuff to drink, too. :wink:
    Thanks to Heinz and his Mysphere team for presenting their prototypes. Even though they have some fine-tuning to do both sonically and in terms of fit, the Mysphere 3.1 is very interesting and promising. Keep up your good work!
    To all owners of the AKG K812: Take out those foam rings! Seriously! You have a headphone, whose quality is masked by its exaggerated bass, sounding dark and lifeless without this mod. This is one of the best closed cans available, but not in its ex-factory condition.
    Looking forward to the next meet!
  8. musikverein
    My impressions of the design & acoustic prototype of the Mysphere are in short: A simplified and very well thought and innovative form-follows-function concept with low mass and weight which feels highly ergonomic, quite the contrary to many high-end headphones. It looks portable and is sexy in its special way. Acoustically it did perform in 'electrostatic' speed and clarity, a lot of energy in the higher mids and lower treble with :wink:a slight tendency to congestion at higher volume. The Mysphere prototype had a live-like quality similar to the legendary, much bigger and bulky K1000. The bass quality is there, yet at this early tuning stage felt like a very good in-ear with too small tips, missing some body and color. Very high potential :wink:
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  9. noplsestar

    I think you meant the K872 and not the K812, am I right?
  10. plakat
    To me that wa sone of our best meets so far. Nice to see so many new faces, some from quite far away -- special thanks for joining us.

    As is tradition I tried out almost nothing, but talked to many people. Which, to me, is at he heart of our meets. As is the Schnaps :wink: IMG_3169.jpg
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  11. Rodeodave
    As one of the new faces, here are my impressions:

    Since I had never attended a headphone meetup before, I really didn't know what to expect, but from looking at the pics from past meets I could tell that the atmosphere seemed quite relaxed. And honestly, the pics of all the Schnaps made me think that y'all can't be too square.

    Arriving early, I was immediately greeted by a couple of folks who made sure I felt welcome. The meet soon took off, and I was humbled by all your generosity in sharing you prized gear - sources, amps and gear all alike. I got to try many headphones and amps I had thus far only read about, from a vintage AKG 240, to the 702, LCD-2, LCD-3, HD-800S, HD-580, various iterations of the HE-400i, a PM-3, an ATH-M70x, all the way to icons like the AKG K 1000 and the Stax SR-009. And not to forget the opportunity to get to hear the working prototypes of the MySphere! When not listening to various gear, I had great conversations, on and off topic, with many folks.

    I also got to try a new single malt whisky I've been meaning to try for some time, the Bunnahabhain Eirigh na Greine, with an atypically fruity flavor for an Islay Malt. Lovely!

    Altogether a very pleasant Saturday afternoon!

    One thing that has to change though, imho, is the lack of DIY gear. I'll try to do something about that at the next meet :wink:

    Oh, and I came to the meet with the intention of taking many pics, which I kind of didn't get around to. I took three pics in total, and here they are:

  12. Graenzgaenger
    Also many thanks from my side to ampair for providing this very nice location. Sorry for the mess we left for you to clean up [​IMG] 
    It was very interesting to get a closer look at Mysphere prototypes in real life. Keep on going, guys, you are doing a great job! 
  13. Mozartaudio
    Thanks for the pictures and comments. 
    I have a question: what was the winning combo ? 
  14. xxx1313

    Yes, sorry, a typo. I meant the K872. I did not compare them directly, but I think I would even prefer the modded K872 (without foam rings) to the K812. I also listened to a prototype of the K872 (unmodded, of course) before, and this was not worth the price IMHO.
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  15. KarlStromberg
    Thanks everyone for the great event! Especially big thanks to the organizers, but also to the other guests I had great conversations with and of course to the donors of the great schnaps :) It was again totally worth the trip from Germany to take part and I am already looking forward to the next meet.
    I agree with @plakat that it was even better than a year ago, when I joined for the first time. Not sure why, but the whole atmoshere just felt much more intense, in a very positive way. Though this was an event about listening gear, I just spent roundabout 15 minutes to actually listening to headphones (plan is to raise that time just a little bit the next time, let's see if that works), the rest of the time I had great conversations at the tables, in the kitchen or on the terrace outside (the weather was perfect for that). Not only about headphones, but also about other things in life.
    I would almost say it's all about the people, not the gear, though it's the actualy reason to meet there [​IMG]
    Thanks again!
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