05/06/2017 Bottlehead meet impressions

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  1. Barra
    I know who my friends are.....:boy:
  2. Barra
    Not so much a joke, we have some very strong HOA regulations in our new area so they may have to be muted somewhat.........but we are going to have fun. Hoping it will be like an endless vacation until reality sets in.
  3. Barra
    Thanks Bob, like I said, I hope to sync a visit with a meet so you may not be rid of me yet.
  4. gepardcv
    Yup, the Carbon+DDCA (Dynalo-Dynahi Combination Amplifier) is mine. It was great to meet and talk to everyone at the event!
  5. gefski
    Great to get together at Bottlehead once again, listening, sharing, seeing new stuff, and new twists and tweaks on old stuff!

    Since I haven't listened to muziqboy's rig for a couple meets, I was glad to sit down early. It was superb. Absolute "nothingness" was more apparent than ever, giving me a "hear through" to actual touched strings, stick thwacks, and raspy vocal growls. I could immediately sink in, and toe tapping commenced.

    The heart of muziqboy's rig, the battle worn Theta, oblivious to the hundreds of glittery pretenders that have come and gone since.

    Crud barricades - from Topaz.

    Didn't get to hear the ericr and soundsgoodtome Holo/DenaFrips a/b sessions; perhaps a mini-meet in the near future? A quiet sit-down with each of those dacs would be sublime.

    Another reason for a mini-meet would be some Stax time. It was too late in the day to sit down and relax with gepardcv's rig.

    The collaboration of my digital front end, Doc's S.E.X. amp, and muziqboy's HE-1000 was fun; turned out to be synergetic too. Thanks guys!

    Yggy/uDO made it home with a few minutes of battery left; Kingston long drive/short ferry works better than Bainbridge short drive/long ferry for hot transport.

    A big thank you to Doc B., Eileen, and BIG POPPA for the Super Saturday!!!
  6. Doc B.
    Thanks for all the great pics everyone! The HE1000s with the Yggy/S.E.X. was a very pleasant combo. I had not heard the HE1000s since the Newport Audio Show where they debuted. I found them very disappointing at that gig (sorry that I don't recall amps or source used there), but they sounded really nice Saturday.
  7. DrForBin

    a great meet as usual. the hosts are some of the nicest people you will ever encounter, generous, accommodating and just plain fun! thank you ever so, Queen Eileen and Doc B!

    this is an extremely nice venue to have a meet. all you tourists from across the Salish Sea get to visit one of the nicest places over here, and get to fret about the ferry home, while we are already there.

    MrsForBin and i are both horribly name challenged so if a shout out sounds generic, well it most likely is, sorry.

    highlights: 1) those yummy Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00. MrsForBin and i have very different ears (i'm thinking she has perfect pitch, while mine are...pretty much broken.) however, we both fell in love! now we get to fight over who gets them first, thanks??? 2) the E-Mu Teaks. i loved them! alas, MrsForBin preferred the TH-X00, and as we could agree on those and not on the E-Mu's the Massdrop offering won. sorry. :) 3) Big Poppa fencing with MrsForBin over his (highly, er, insanely, er, overly?) tweaked HD700 rig. i'm thinkin' that the reality of two eating machines in the house trumps all that. again, sorry. :) (a bit more Humulo Nimbus, Gil?) 4) Mainline, some Apple crap and those HD800's. this is the best i (and MrsForBin) have ever heard these cans. out of our reach (see eating machines above) but i just wanted to curl up and listen to tunez. this amp/headphone/source combination really roxs. 5) just how laid back this all was. nice folks, good talk, great spot. the BottleHeadquarters meets are really, really fun.

    sorely missed: AtomicBob (please be well), CurbFeeler (is Stan doing okay?), and MiceBlue (congrats on finding a gig in your field, too bad it's in SoCal.)

    and those Stax and the amp driving them. Godz, give me a Lotto win and i am all over that!

    we will be there next time!
  8. NWRain
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  9. Soundsgoodtome
    @NWRain, would it be evil of me to say that the two dacs were switched in the input? No just kidding I wouldn't really do that to get true feedback and not a local bias, would I? No one double checked my rig or the wiring..
    Anywho it was straight forward. However I don't know how one sounds odd without both being odd.. they sound very close.

    For sheer support and technical support should you need it, it's nice to go local. The Spring DAC will be a nice step up from your current setup. Although there's an entry level KTE dac (Mammoth?) coming soon that's suppose to really kill at it's price range if you don't want to go 'all in' per se on a top tier DAC. It'll only do one either PCM or DSD, you pick.
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  10. Muziqboy
    The heart of muziqboy's rig, the battle worn Theta, oblivious to the hundreds of glittery pretenders that have come and gone since.

    Even Mike Moffat himself expressed that the PCM63 Dac chips up to this day (which by the way, the Theta GEN VA has 4 of them) is still the best Dac chip ever made for multi-bit implementation. This the reason why I'm hangin on to this dac and have no immediate need to replace it. You have to pry this out of my cold, dead grip. :ksc75smile:
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  11. Soundsgoodtome
    That and the fact that your particular one is one of two modified by Theta with all kinds of goodies as review units... Which kinda questions if there's some slyness there or the reviewers fully disclosed their unit was far from stock lol

    Definitely a keeper being one of two floating around of it.
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  12. Soundsgoodtome

    I know between work and music the Seattlelites are a busy bunch but where's the Aug 19th 2017 impression thread at??
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