05/06/2017 Bottlehead meet impressions

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  1. Muziqboy
    It was a nice and sunny day for a ferry ride to Bainbridge island for the Bottlehead meet.
    A very big Thank you to Doc B and Queen Eileen, the most down to earth hosts on the planet for sharing your office space with us local Seattle head-fiers.

    Thanks also to Big Poppa for organizing the meet as usual.
    Peeps have come from near and far to this gathering bound by the love of music and the creative exchange of ideas for improving each others gear. I could not have asked for anything more.

    Just my thoughts for now and will post some pics later.
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  2. Soundsgoodtome
    Good meet as usual. Lots of great sounding gear!

    View from the ferry ride home.

    I saw that a couple of peeps had some nice cameras floating around so I didn't take any pics with my measly cell cam.

    The spread and Doc B's Aprilia rsv1kr peeking in the window.
    20170506_165614.jpg 20170506_165611.jpg

    From left to right is the worldwide debut of the DenaFrips PONTUS dac, Cayin iHa6 amp, Schiit Freya, ___?____ Sergio'site amp on top, Holo Kitsune Spring DAC Lvl1, and on top the Project Ember 2.

    By using the Schiit Wyrd-Breeze DU-U8 ddc chain we were able to feed both DenaFrips and Kitsune DAC with the same digital signal and both dacs going balanced into the Freya and balanced into the Cayin iHa6. There seems to be a landslide towards the Holo Spring Lvl 1 in preference but one very trained ear went with the DenaFrips and I will mention more later for what was heard in preference to both. The sounds were very close with knitpick differences between the two. For the people that tested the system via Tidal, I'd like to say unfortunately without wasapi or asio that you did not get the full sonic clarity of this rig. With tidal vs foobar the tidal player had a haze over the sound.
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  3. Markj
    IMG_0030.JPG IMG_0031.JPG IMG_0032.JPG IMG_0033.JPG IMG_0037.JPG IMG_0040.JPG IMG_0042.JPG IMG_0030.JPG IMG_0031.JPG IMG_0032.JPG IMG_0033.JPG IMG_0037.JPG IMG_0040.JPG
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  4. Muziqboy
    OK as promised, here are the pics.
    This the best place to have an awesome meet. Doc B. and Queen Eileen are the best.
    Need to kick off the shoes and start the listening session.

    I was not able to listen to any of the rigs since I was manning the camera except Doc B's tape machine with the Neothoriator amp and the K-1000 when I had some alone time upstairs snapping these photos. Truly the most sweetest analog sound I've ever heard.


    @BIG POPPA's set-up with the famed Akiko stick on the headphone cable.


    @DrForBin's rig.

    @xtreme4099's rig.

    @Markj's set-up with the MHA100 and Holographic Audio Ear One.

    @Ham Sandwich's rig with the Gumby and Liquid Fire.

    @Soundsgoodtome's Denafrips Pontus and Schiit Freya. I did not have the chance to listen to it so hopefully in the next meet.

    Part of @ericr's Spring Dac peeking on the right of the above pic.

    @ericr's Project Ember 2 and stash of tour demo ciem collection.


    @bimmer100's Kitsune Audio set-up. I wanted to listen to it but was always somebody there so hopefully next time.

    @gefski's AOIP set-up with the uDO, YGGY and S.E.X. amp and also a back shot showing the Acopian LPS for powering the uDO.

    I think this is @gepardcv's rig. Pls. correct me if I'm mistaken.

    And this, yours truly's AOIP mostly PRO GEAR (all LPS powered) rig.

    I apologize if there is someone that I missed as it was busy and too crowded.

    I think this guy right here speaks for most of us meet attendees.
    He'd rather stay here inside and listen to some good music.

    Finally, the most important and guaranteed to work tweak of all time for enhancing your music enjoyment. Does not even take an hour of burn-in to be effective. Go ahead and ask @BIG POPPA :ksc75smile:

    Hopefully we'll hear more impressions from others, specially the newcomers. Until next time.
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  5. WNBC
    Looks like there was an amazing set of gear there. Wish I could have attended. Really was interested to hear the Freya as I am need of a tube preamp. iCan Pro and Canyin with HD800S would interesting too. Maybe next time.
  6. johnjen
    I forgot to grab a few shots of your rig and it's good to see it in this thread.

    That was cool being able to directly compare those 2 dacs, back to back.
    And them being of such similar design and all, and them being the current contendah's for the most trick and especially so for not insane prices.

    And to think that like 6 months ago neither were 'on the scene' so to speak.

    Schiit's changing really rapidly these days.

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  7. Barra
    Sorry to miss it guys, but I am officially moved out of Seattle having sold my house and closing on an AZ property. Will definitely be back up in the area many times so I will have to time a trip to an event to see everyone again.
  8. johnjen
    Good luck in your new venture.

  9. Barra
    Thanks JJ, you will be missed.
  10. johnjen
    These days I don't think the internet knows about distance anymore, which is remarkable if you think about it.

  11. Barra
    But who is going to come out to my house and help me fix my subwoofer next time it breaks? :triportsad:
  12. johnjen
    Well ya know…
    I figure by the time you'll need your other subwoofer fixed, we'll be living like the Jetsons, and by then it won't matter anyway. :D

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  13. Soundsgoodtome
    So you just sold your home in Woodinville for a home in Arizona... In my calculations you can look at the subs as disposable now, yes?

    I joke. Good to hear you got the move done. Best of luck out there man
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  14. atomicbob
    @Barra - good luck on the new venture. Will miss seeing you at the meets.

    Really bummed I couldn't attend. Thank-you all for the pictures. Looks like another fabulous meet. Really wanted to hear many of the systems shown, along with Doc's speakers.
  15. Doc B.
    We missed you Bob. Hope you feel better soon. Out of respect for the headfiers I don't run the speakers at a meet and we didn't even have them connected to the sources Saturday. I'm pretty proud of them and would love to give a demo to anyone who would like to come by and spend an hour listening. So far the response to them has been even better than I hoped.

    Thanks to everyone who came and schlepped all of that great gear to the island. I think it was one of our better head fi meets. For me the day was full of non-stop, very interesting conversation. And several of those big cookies...
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