1. mrarroyo

    New Xin Reference Amp by Dr. Xin !!!

    OK, at this moment I do not have a lot of detailed information. However the following is on its way to me. I just can't wait to get my grubby fat hands on it. Speaking of fat I asked the Good Doctor to use the older style of volume knob. This is very exciting. BTW the following pics show...
  2. oicdn

    *UPDATE* REVIEW: 21 "Mainstream" portable amps. GoVibe MAGNUM added.

    The formatting of this thread is: The impressions of each amp. Then the rankings on a cumulative level, although SQ based, it's not the sole reasoning, as you can find that out from most every review out there. With portables, I believe practicality plays a HUGE HUGE role. After the rankings...
  3. JayNYC

    Smallest portable amp with Cross Feed?

    What are the smallest portable amps that have Cross Feed? So far, I know only of the Headroom Total/Airhead.
  4. mrarroyo

    38 Portable Amps Review

    It has been about 9 months since Rob (Vorlon1) and I did a portable amp comparison. Since then I have had an idea of going back and adding additional amps. I hope that the additional listening time and perspective of all these months allows us to provide a better insight especially as we all...
  5. Ikarios

    Anything in current production that can match the Xin SuperMicro (size/quality/price)?

    I've been thinking about how I'd like to go about creating my ideal portable setup and I've been flip-flopping on the amp part. I wouldn't like to carry around a brick, but I want high performance, so that limits my options somewhat. I'm currently leaning towards the Leckerton UHA-4, but it's...
  6. bobjew

    XIN SUPER MICRO AMP (prototype) arrives...

    Xin sent me one of his prototypes for the Super Micro Amp and it arrived today. Right out of the bag, it sounds broken in and it may be; as I have not talked to Xin about the history of this particular one. This amp exhibits none of the previous brand-new Super Mini characteristics. It is not...
  7. headfone

    XIN SuperMacro IV -- anyone Class-A it?

    I saw quite a bit of discussion on the XIN site re: the old version of SuperMacro (SuperMacro 3) and class-A config. But none really in context of the "latest" version SuperMacro IV. Anyone class-A it? (The forum on the XIN site seems to dead)
  8. kaushama

    Those who waiting Xin amp, post and get your date of arrival !

    Since Dr Xin is understandably busy with his amps, what we can do ourselves have an idea of where we are, is to have a thread to post all our order dates. In that post we should include the dates of arrival, those who have recently got it. Like this, LuckyGuy: Date of order, 1st May 2006\...
  9. headfone

    Xin Super Macro IV: Board layout / schematic needed for repair

    Trying to replace the worn-out Panasonic vol. pot, some of the traces lifted off and now I'm stuck with a "broken" SM IV. I did snap some pix before/after the desoldering job, but I can't make out much detail from the photos (see below). I may post some more later. I can probably...
  10. sakura

    Let me know difference between SM3 and SM4

    I would like to know difference of sound between SM3 and SM4. I have SM3, however I would like to listen music by SM4. So, let me know difference between SM3 and SM4.
  11. Xin Supermicro

    Xin Supermicro

    Xin Supermicro Portable Headamp