1. Brian153

    Phonitor 2 DAC

    Hi, I was thinking of purchasing a Phonitor 2 in the future and I was wondering if the Phonitor 2 works well with the following Digital Converters (which I plan to connect to my laptop)? I will use the AKG K812 Pro as headphones.   - Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 Digital To Analog Converter - Wyred 4...
  2. BrucYSN


    I Just wanna to know how's their cable. I brought the power cords and ICs along with the DAC-2 altogether. I know ignorant is bliss. I just can't help to wonder how is their cable compare to other cable dedicated company at similar price? 
  3. voyager123

    Is the M2Tech Young/Hegel HD20 up to the level of an Anedio D1/2/Wyred4Sound DAC 2?

    In my country only a few DACs are avaible ,especially in the 1100 € price range, including the M2Tech young and the Hegel HD20. I'm very curious if anyone compared these two to the medium priced ESS Sabre 9018 based Dacs.
  4. runswithaliens

    Wyred4Sound mPRE - balanced DAC/Analog Pre-amp/Headphone amp

    W4S mPRE Expected to be shipping this month according to website. Product page: http://www.wyred4sound.com/webapps/p/74030/117839/803982   Looks like it could be a very nice all-in-one desktop unit for $1099.00. Certainly has almost everything I am looking for for use with a computer...
  5. spraggih

    Wyred4Sound (W4S) DAC-1: Upgrade to Lavry DA-10?

    Hello everyone,   I have a DA-10 using optical from my MacPro. It sounds good but a bit dark and I would also like a little more energy in my DAC. All of that may sound like I want a colored/coloured DAC - maybe so...     BUT... if the W4S has the same timbre and tone as the DA-10 that...
  6. HiFiGuy528

    New! Wyred4Sound µDAC-HD headphones amp/DAC unboxing

    "µ" is Greek for "M" so it should be Micro DAC, not U-DAC. Sorry about that.  I'm using it in Class A right now with the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD. Holly cow! this thing sounds GREAT!  
  7. grokit

    Balanced DACs $600 - $1600, the segment explodes

    Along with seemingly everything else, there's an abundance of new mid-fi DACs coming out of the woodwork lately trying to challenge the next tier up.   Some of the models that have been catching our eyes lately:   Yulong D-18, D-8 (1) Shiit Gungnir (5) Woo WDS-1 (1) Wyred4Sound...
  8. jc9394

    Perfect Wave DAC Owner Unite

    Changed title for the PWD lovers, there is more PWD owners out there.
  9. reeltime

    Wyred4Sound DACs and OSX Mavericks (Just say NO for now...)

    Warning--   Installed OSX Mavericks this week, and it won't communicate with my Wyred4Sound DAC 2.  Contacted Wyred4Sound, they don't have a driver yet for Mavericks.     They said it won't be too long, but for now, my DAC2 is a paperweight.
  10. mollymoo

    W4S DAC-2 Versus PS Audio Digital Link III w/Cullen Stage 4 Mods

    Hi,   Basically, would it be an upgrade from the PS Audio DL III (Stage IV) to the DAC2?  I do not use the USB and I only use it with my Squeezebox Touch for HD 24/96-192 tracks.   Also, I know the DL III upsamples but does the DAC2 do native with 24/96 and 24/192?   Thanks so much...
  11. defianttek

    So many DAC choices, no where to demo them.

    I'm looking for a dac for my HiFi system for 2 channel audio. I would like a minimum of a 24bit/96khz capability, but would prefer 24/192. My budget is $1000, because I want to buy something that will last me a long time (I don't like buying a product that I will feel like upgrading in a couple...
  12. darren700

    Audio-GD Reference 5.2 (New Balanced 4x PCM1704UK DAC)

    So aparently Audio-gd Is coming out with yet another new Balanced DAC. basically this looks like a NFB-17 on steroids with  4x  PCM1704UK instead of dual WM8741.   Considering how well regarded the Ref7.1 (8xPCM1704) and DAC19 (2XPCM1704) are i am willing to bet that this thing is gonna be...
  13. Anda

    Audio-gd NFB-17/NFB-17.2

    Has anyone heard the NFB-17/17.2 from Audio-gd? I'm looking for a replacement for my Cambridge Audio DacMagic. Having a hard time choosing between the NFB-17.2, a used Rega or a used Stello DA100 sig. What would you guys choose? I am going to use it with a Lake People G100 and Hifiman HE-300...
  14. powerlifter450

    Wyred4Sound microdac

    W4S has a new $400.00 budget DAC using an ESS chip. Has anyone heard this one yet? I can't locate any reviews.
  15. Jojomite

    Wyred4sound µDAC

    hey guys,   this looks interesting. anyone knows anything about it?:)
  16. HiFiGuy528

    NEW! Apogee ONE for iOS

    This little portable DAC/amp sounds amazing...  Ruler flat response.  I love it.  
  17. Wyred4Sound µDAC

    Wyred4Sound µDAC

    The Wyred 4 Sound µDAC is the perfect solution for digital streaming made simple. In many cases, the price and overall size of most dedicated DACs deters music enthusiasts from going digital. Whether it be for a second system or to begin digital streaming for the first time, the µDAC can surely...