Wyred4Sound µDAC

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The Wyred 4 Sound µDAC is the perfect solution for digital streaming made simple. In many cases, the price and overall size of most dedicated DACs deters music enthusiasts from going digital. Whether it be for a second system or to begin digital streaming for the first time, the µDAC can surely impress. There are currently a handful of DACs available with a similar foot print to the µDAC but we have ensured that this piece has more to bring to the table. In fact, after learning about the high resolution support and stellar sonic performance, you may consider making this the go to DAC in your home and or office.
Update 06-02-13. I use it so much with streaming music from my laptop. It has not skipped a beat. I've used every input and tested it with all kinds of music, listening for the best sound. I've also updated my headphones to the HIFIMAN HE5-LE and Sennheiser HD-600. It is so versatile and convenient that I should never have to upgrade. And if you search the ESS Sabre chip you'll find dacs costing tons more. This has it and comes from someone who knows what to do with it.

Latest reviews

Pros: Affordable high-end, made in USA, small
Cons: You have to have one!
Mines #181, so I know it's rare and hardly been viewed. The software was simple and almost effortless to begin, with included CD. The box and unit was small, but heavier than it looks. The included USB cable is nice and long, looks like 5-6 foot and works perfect for my use. My set-up: From iTunes lossless files on laptop to USB on W4S Micro Dac to Monster interconnect cable to V-Can headphone amp to AKG K701, and also out of my V-Can to my receiver with Monster interconnects (which is a hella nice option on a headphone amp, and very useful in my current setup to let me run all my stuff through this dac.) So far I instantly noticed detail that I didn't notice from a CD player through the same amp/headphone combo, even though the CD player was claimed to have a good DAC. On the W4S DAC inputs I have my computer in the USB, my TV hooked through the Coax, and CD player hooked through TOS, and all input signals can be changed by a switch on the Dac. As far as DAC burn-in I think that just having the AC plugged in for 200 hours will complete it. Also, I think using the included AC adapter gives for the best sound quality, though there is a switch to use either USB or 9V AC power. I have not tested the difference and why wouldn't I just plug it in anyway? About 2 hours into listening and so far nothing but good. Even if you have a DAC 1 or 2, or other high-end DAC, this thing could go with you to the office or anywhere your laptop goes to get that sound you expect from home.    


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