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    Where are the HiFi Wolfson DACs in 2022? (WM8740, WM8741, WM8742)

    I recently found a great comparison between Wolfson WM8741 vs. Sabre SS9023 chip based DAC, while shopping for a Denafrips ARES II Resister Ladder R2R Dac. Remco Stoutjesdijk comprehensively reviewed both chip dacs objectively and subjectively: He distinguishes analytical data with actual...
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    iPod Classic Generation vs iPod Touch 4th gen DAC?

    Hi all, I've used an iPod Touch 4th gen as my portable player for many years. It's getting on in age, and I'd like to replace it with another iPod (personal preference). I use the headphone jack and my headphones include the Philips SHP9500, Audio-Technica M50X (soon to get M40X as well), and...