1. jayb33c33

    What's a better iPod LOD the Whiplash TWag Micro LOD Bottom Exit, Straight Plug or SILVER DRAGON LINE OUT CABLE BY MOON AUDIO?

    What's a better iPod LOD the Whiplash TWag Micro LOD Bottom Exit, Straight Plug or the SILVER DRAGON LINE OUT CABLE BY MOON AUDIO?  
  2. Joe-Siow

    Listening Impressions: Toxic Silver Poison/ TWag v2 Gold & Toxic Scorpion/ TWcu v3

    I have been using several third party cables with my previous ES5 and current Miracles. They include TWag v1, v2, TWcu 26 and Silver Dragon.   I recently sold my Silver Dragon and am on the lookout for copper cables for use with my Miracle and 3rd Anniversary Studio V. With the help of some...
  3. Staal

    Review: The Toxic Cables 8-wire Hybrid IEM cable (& comparison with TWag Hybrid)

    Intro   Frank from Toxic Cables has been kind enough to let me audition his 8-wire hybrid IEM cable. My ears were pleased, however, my wallet was not as I ended up liking the cable so much that I had to buy it. Much like the one released by Whiplash this cable is also a hybrid cable...
  4. Staal

    The TWag v2 & TWcu 26 Hybrid IEM cable (Initial impressions)

      Intro   I’ve been lucky enough to have been using the Reference TWag v2 AND TWcu 26 Hybrid IEM replacement cable with my JH16 for quite some time now and I figure it’s about time I share my thoughts on this cable with the rest of the community.   I’ve been meaning to do this review...
  5. AnakChan

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 or WhiplashAudio's Twag v2 Eclipse 8xcore?

    I'm looking at procuring a pair of Signature Pros and getting them balanced for my ALO Rx Mk3 amp. I asked this question on the SigPros thread thinking about it more carefully, this is really more a cable question.   Has anyone tried/compared between these cables??   1) Moon Audio Silver...
  6. G Lee

    Replacement Cable for JH Audio JH-3A

    Hello:   Are there any recomendations for a replacement cable for the JH Audio JH-3A?   Your input is greatly appreciated.   Regards,   Grayson
  7. average_joe

    19 custom IEM/TF10/Shure/IE8 cables reviewed (Effect Pearl, Apollo, & Odin added 3/20/13)

    Multi-aftermarket cables for custom IEMs and TF10 evaluation thread   average_joe’s (my google+ page) custom IEM aftermarket cable thread:  Many custom IEMs come with detachable cables, and as I own many custom IEMs that have detachable cables such as the JHA JH16, Rooth LS8, Starkey SA-43...
  8. Phoosh

    Hd650 balanced cable: Which one?

    Hey guys, I have a balanced setup with my hd650's - featuring a balanced diy cable I got for 125, a little dot mkvii+ and a little dot dac 1 -   Was wondering what a really good balanced cable would be, or the differences between them to help get the full gains of my midrange system.   I...
  9. Whiplash Audio TWag v2 Micro LOD

    Whiplash Audio TWag v2 Micro LOD

    Similar to Ultra Micro, but with a more conventional design. Made from the best cable on the market.