1. RiKToR

    Review: Westone AC20 Impressions and thoughts from a musician's perspective.

    I have recently had the pleasure of obtaining a pair of Westone AC20 Musician Monitor’s.  These were recently released and replaced the Westone AC2 product.  Having read the review posted here on Head-FI, I realized that these monitors may have a different sound signature than their...
  2. JuzModa

    Help: Buying new iem

    Hi guys! I need help to choose a new iem. I have looked at the shures but do not like the fit. Amy other recommendations? Thanks
  3. davidmyers

    Upgrading to Customs

    I've been using a pair of Etymotic HF5s for about a year and a half now and have loved them. The primary reason I got them was to use as IEMs when I drum but I use them whenever I'm listening to music as well. I'm a huge fan of the analytical sound they present as well as the sound stage. One...
  4. bbrunskill

    Hi! Please recommend some custom IEM's for this newbie . . . .

    Hi, guys and girls!   I'm looking for some new IEM's. Right now, I have some universal UE's, I can't remember the model, but they are dual driver.   And I hate them.    I'm a worship pastor, and in my job, I'm playing live music at least 4 times a week, often more. I'm very active...
  5. drewrussell2011

    Custom Ears (possible fit problem)

    Hello everyone,   I just got back from my first band practice using my Westone AC2's, and I am thinking I may have a problem. Everytime I moved my mouth to sing, the seal would "semi" break, and a popping sound followed as they sat back into place. This happened many times during the night...
  6. metllicamilitia

    Okay, need some new IEM's again, trying to stretch the budget up

    Okay, the best IEM's I ever had were the Sleek SA6's, I loved those. I most currently bought some Phonak Audeo's, but the eartips did not stay on and I've lost them. I'm not looking to replace the eartips as I didn't really care for them that much. But according the filters of the Phonak's, I...
  7. joshuamercer

    Anyone ever buy Livewires anymore?

    I realize that Fidelity and Livewire split some time ago but they both still have a pretty great lineup if you can stomach the Frankenstein's Monster swivel coaxial bolt on the side.    Personally, as a church worship leader the budget customs are more in my pricerange and as such it's hard...
  8. project86

    Review: Westone AC2 dual driver custom in ear monitor

        INTRO   It seems fairly clear that the market for custom molded in ear monitors has really taken off over the last few years. I was just reading an old thread from 2007 where somebody was discussing their options for getting into customs: At the time the available models were in the...
  9. worminater

    First custom: Weston AC2, JH5, or other?

    As title suggest; looking at getting my first custom.  I recently had some earplugs made via westone for automotive use;  and I think I've decided I'd like to get some customs; and price wise have narrowed it down to those two models.  Anyone with multiple customs care to comment on the two?  ...
  10. Westone AC2 dual driver custom IEMs

    Westone AC2 dual driver custom IEMs

    Westone's new dual driver custom molded in ear monitor.