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Okay, need some new IEM's again, trying to stretch the budget up

  1. metllicamilitia
    Okay, the best IEM's I ever had were the Sleek SA6's, I loved those. I most currently bought some Phonak Audeo's, but the eartips did not stay on and I've lost them. I'm not looking to replace the eartips as I didn't really care for them that much. But according the filters of the Phonak's, I prefer mids above the rest, but I loved being able to have a punchy bass with the Sleek's and have guitars brought out too, and I hate vocals being lost. My musical taste is all in rock and metal from Paul Simon to Cradle of Filth and I love acoustic music. I'm not sure what mp3 player I will be using, I'm asking about that currently 'cause I need a new one of them as well. I would like to try and keep my budget at no more that $500USD but I'm willing to look into more expensive options if they suit me better. Any help is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.
  2. styler Contributor
    easy: shure se535
  3. metllicamilitia
    I would have to sample them somehow first. Based off what I've used and what I've read I prefer a more cold and sterile IEM, but I've thought about the Shure's before. 
  4. SolidVictory
    Honestly, if you're willing to spend $500 then I would suggest either the JH Audio JH5 or the Westone AC2. They are both custom in-ear monitors and below $500 (both are $400, with impression costs it should come to around $450 max--some audiologists do not even charge for impressions). Read up more on them for more information on their sonic traits.
  5. metllicamilitia
    That really piques my interest. I've been wanting customs for a real long time. And they would be helpful outside of listening to music as I am trying to get a band going. And my ear canals are different sizes my right ear is an odd size that no universal tip nor foam tip can fit right. Bi-flanges work though, but custom is better. Now onto the research part, Westone's are looking good for being dual driver, but JH Audio is looking good for the great things I've heard about the JH15 and JH16.
  6. SolidVictory


    Both the JH5 and AC2 are dual drivers, but that doesn't really say much as driver count does not explicitly mean good sound quality. The JH5 has a more "aggressive" sounding signature--still somewhat neutral, whereas the AC2 is said to sound a tad more "fun", like the Westone 3. A good review for the AC2 is here. You can find a bunch of impressions for the JH5 if you do a search here on the forums, or visit the JH5 Appreciation thread here.
  7. VolcomStone


    Not like I've ever heard them, but I've heard good things from the 1964-Ears Customs. I think you'd be more into their Single- or Triple-driver customs, if you decided to go that path.

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