1. kwitel

    Can I buy the Vsonic GR02 in the US?

    I know I can get them on Ebay, just dont want to wait 3-4 weeks for delivery.   Thanks.
  2. m0b1liz3

    VSONIC VSD3 vs. VSD1 if wearing cable down.?

    I am looking for new headphones with decent clarity and bass.  I wear my headphones mostly in the gym and behind the ear just doesn't work well for me when being active.  It looks like the VSONIC VSD3 is better then the VSD1 but mainly designed for behind the ear use.  Am I right about this...
  3. Rush-n-crush

    Whats your go to sub $120 IEM?

    I'm literally swamped in IEMs and what to choose its driving me bananas.. From vsonic, to fidue, to tepeos, to TTPOD, to more known brands I just cant make my mind up.   My criteria is simple, durability and sound quality.. mostly listen to hip hop.. So I'm going to see what the majority pick...
  4. Rush-n-crush

    Monster Inspiration thoughts? found for around $85

    So long story short my IEM VSD1 broke after lite use :( While it sounded good for the price I dont consider it a good deal when it was pretty much disposable..   I own a pair of noontec hammos that I LOVE for portable usage.. But wanna try something different just to see whats out there.. i...
  5. SnailsAndSlugs

    Can't get the hang of IEMs!

    Currently using Sony MH1C. I see people walking around, on the subway, jogging, etc. with IEMs and I just don't get it. No matter what I do, my earbuds pop out, constantly need adjustment, are uncomfortable, etc. My MH1Cs came with a tube of 4 or 5 different sized rubber plugs, and I've...
  6. kyelunc

    Xiaomi Piston 2 or Vsonic VSD1s?

    Hi guys, as title mentioned.. which one? I prefer an all rounder because I listen to various types of music but if you want me to be more specific, I'd say I mostly listen to Pop, Ballad and Instrumental. Personally, I've auditioned the Beyerdynamic XP3 and find it satisfying. Are the two I...
  7. B

    Comply TX for GR06 and VSD1 - what size should I buy? 100/200/300/400?

    Hi, I'm planning on Comply Foam Tips for My VSD1, GR06, and also for the pistons if its fit to... what size should I buy? tx100/tx200/tx300/tx400? (I'm looking for someone who has these)   Thanks!
  8. Goldegen

    Got my Vsonic VSD1S and have a few questions

    Hey guys!   After reading some reviews I decided to buy the Vsonic VSD1S that fit my budget and are considered good. I received them a few days ago and saw that there is something wrong with the "net" in the front of one of the earphones. It looks like it fell inside the earphone.   So here...
  9. jhumur

    Alternative to Vsonic VSD1S...something with a MIC

    So, after much reading, I thought I had picked out the earbuds I would like to buy this X-Mas...the Vsonic VSD1S. I am not a basshead, and I also have a low tolerance for excessively bright highs. I prefer a more precise sound, and a good soundstage. I'm trying to stay close to $50, give or take...
  10. neo5468

    Need a new In-Ear headphones ( previously owned SC Titans )

    Hello. I am in search of a new In-Ear headphones since my skullcandy titan cable broke. I am listening most to the rock, instrumental and movies. I would also like them to be somewhat sound-canceling like titans were.   I have read some sc titan reviews here and people dont really like them...
  11. ooo137ooo

    Need help with vsonic IEMs ( GR06 , GR02 Bass , VSD1 )

    Hi everyone   i was planning on getting a nice IEM -not too expensive though- from my search i decided on getting the vsonic VSD1 , however with further search i decided i get the GR02 Bass as well , i was waiting for the LMUE price drops and here they are so i am ordering , but then i found...
  12. Omga4000

    Choosing a ~45$ In-Ear - DUNU DN-22M Vs. Sony MH1C Vs. Vsonic VSD1S

    Hey there :)   Well, after viewing and searching a lot I have narrowed my options down to three, and I truly can't decide now..   - DUNU DN-22M (45$ Free shipping) Vs. - Sony MH1C (49$ Inc. shipping) Vs. - Vsonic VSD1S (42.50$ Free shipping)   Which would you take? And why?  ...
  13. Cy514

    WOW! Vsonic VSD1 LM Impression

    This is my first pair Vsonic iem, I had this burn-in for 100+ hours, this really impress me. I heard that they are using the new VSD7 driver which not release it yet. So this LM edition only got No.001-999.  It sounds very nature, the mid is great and the base just right! love it! 
  14. Andy Shana

    Astrotec AM-800 - UK Dealerships

  15. bluenoodle6

    Confusion with entry level vsonics

    Hey guys, new head-fi poster, but have come here for years for headphone recommendations.  I've searched around for an IEM for around 50 USD, give or take, and through these forums found vsonics to be a solid choice. I'm stuck on choosing a model though, because at that price I've seen the...
  16. Ringmaster

    VSonic VSD1/VSD1S Reviews/Impression Thread

    VSonic reportedly is releasing two new models of headphones: the VSD1 and the VS1DS. Apparently, these headphones are supposed to have a sound signature similar to the GR07's while retaining 80% of the GR07's sound quality at a sub $50 price point. As usual, VSONIC has offered another great bang...
  17. Bruce L

    Want to compare Bose IE2, Denon C560R, Vsonic VSD1

    I am looking for some headphones.  Mostly I listen to violin solo, male vocal and pop. I found that some IE2, VSD! and C560R are about the same price. Around $50.  I have heard some good feedback about these three, but never seem some specific reviews about them.  Or are there something else...
  18. Drakemoor

    Vsonic VSD1 or VSD1S?

    I've been away from head-fi for a while after selling all my gear, i'm now after a budget set of IEM's and have found lot's of praise for the VSD1's by vsonic.   I'm trying to work out which version to buy, i've heard a few people mention slight sibilance in one, whereas the 'S' version has a...
  19. the7bulk

    Need help with buying IEMs under 50 $

    I want something with strong cables and hosing. I was thinking about RHA MA350 but they are to expensive to ship to my country in Europe. I want something bassy and indestructible (or at least so). I read a lot but I'm open to suggestions. Maybe Vsonic VSD1? Sound I liked most with anything...
  20. jant71

    Brainwavz S1: Fortune Favors The Bold!

    A bit of hyperbole, that title, but it does seem apt for the S1 earphones which have some bold styling, a bold sound, and I think they will be quite popular since they are easy to like.    I was sent one of the early samples. These are said to come in at the $60 price point. Thanks to Raz for...
  21. jmgacarvalho

    Help choosing In ear

    Need help please.   After reading so many reviews i have narrow my search to 3 or for in ears bellow 50 euros.   Me Electronics A151 Klipsch S4 Fischer Audio Eterna Vsonic GR06 Vsonic VSD1/S Brainwavz M4   Can you please help me choose? I listen all types of music and like overall...
  22. sunhongkr

    VSD1/VSD1S vs VC02

    hi!  i bought vc02 about 2 weeks ago and unfortunately i broke it.... yeah.... wasted 50bucks...   so, i was wondering if i should buy another pair of VC02 or Vsonic's VSD1/VSD1S    i listen to pop,bright? rock,and classical music. i enjoyed VC02 (well... it was my first iem so i didnt have...
  23. kloan

    VSonic VSD1 or NuForce NE-700 or Zero Audio Carbo Basso?

    My favorite IEMs to date have been the Westone UM3X and Yamaha EPH100.   I love bass, but prefer sub-bass over mid bass. I prefer neutral midrange, I find forward midrange to be 'blaring' and obnoxious, especially when I listen to metal in the gym. I prefer laid back highs. Anything that can...
  24. mglak51jk

    VSD1 vs. Brainwavz M2

    Can anyone who has experienced both give a side by side comparison of these two? I have the Brainwavz M2, and while they are fun, I don' really want or need an IEM with a similar profile, but would like to try out something decent from the viewsonic line. Thans
  25. Froststep

    NEW portable Setup (sansa clip +, Fiio e11, vsonic vsd1)

    HI, I am currently looking for a new portable setup I had this in mind (sansa clip +, Fiio e11, vsonic vsd1) do you guys any suggestions or improvements?   Thanks    I was also wondering if anyone had tried the new vsonic vsd1? also what are the other fiio amps amps like?