Confusion with entry level vsonics
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New Head-Fier
Jun 6, 2013
Hey guys, new head-fi poster, but have come here for years for headphone recommendations. 

I've searched around for an IEM for around 50 USD, give or take, and through these forums found vsonics to be a solid choice. I'm stuck on choosing a model though, because at that price I've seen the VC02's, RO2's, and recently the VSD1's. They all seem to have great reviews, and I'm stuck on choosing one. 

Lately I've been primarly listening to all kinds of rock, but not metal:
and more beat oriented music like, trip hop sorta stuff:

I listen to my music at varied levels of volume depending on what i'm doing. I'll be mainly using these when i'm at work (lots of weedwacking and down time), sometimes for audiobooks, when working out (do mainly weight lifting, so i don't think the cord will move that much like it does with running), and for just chillin outside. I'll use it to play music on my phone and creative zen, as well as at my home computer (i believe the external soundcard is a DAC). Also, I'm a big fan of how my SR80 grados sound. 

So any help making a destiniciton between them would be appreciated~and if you have any other recommendations, that's great too. thanks in advance guys. 

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