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  2. rifat10467

    Help me choose between headphones!

    So i'm looking to buy a pair of headphones.  Budget: 200 dollars.  Detachable cable is a (+)  What i listen to? Literally everything. A lot of instrumentals. Not too much rap/ R&B. The headphones i have in mind 1) Audio Technica ATH-M50 2)  V- Moda crossfade LP                  ...
  3. geo2160

    Found HFI-550 on the cheap. Should i buy them?

    In an incredibly lucky event, i stumbled upon the official ultrasone importer for my country. The HFI 550 is 73 euros, the HFI 650 is 77 euros and the Proline 550 (this is an old model from what i've read) is 106 euros. I also sent an email to them asking about the prices of the HFI-580 and the...
  4. 10DeeQ

    Headphone for a big head that sounded similar to Dynaudio ?

    hi, im new here and i'm ready to "burn my wallet" well, not so much as i'm still new :) anyway i've got some question and need some recommendations, so please guide me here.   i have few audio source , it's not high end just normal audio source, i still don't know which one will give me...
  5. MangyFoxtrot

    Help choosing headphones

    Hey all, I am a hope-to-be audiophile in the market for a set of good quality headphones around $300-400 (maybe $500 for the right set). I’ve been looking a lot into headphones over the last few days in an effort to find a pair that will best suit me; however I have very little actual experience...
  6. rhfactor1

    Deal Alert!!! Philips HP-910 and Alienware OZMA 5

    Just to let anyone who may be interested that Overstock.com has the Philips HP-910 on sale for $38.99 and the Alienware OZMA 5 (rebadged Ultrasone HFI-550) on sale for $35.99. Shipping for both or one of these is $2.95 for standard shipping in U.S.A. I received the Philips HP-910 about a week...
  7. sai_yin

    FS: Ultrasone Proline / Pro 2500 Headband Headphones

    Thanks for looking at my Ultrasone pro 2500. They are the predecessor the current flagship model Pro 2900. They sound similar to pro 750 which is close back but pro 2500 is open back. S-logic technology has been used to build an amazing sound stage and meanwhile to protect your ears. Some...
  8. FluxMaven

    More bass out of Ultrasone ProLine 550?

    New here obviously, But I was wondering if swapping the pads on my proline's would improve/increase amounts of bass. I used to have a set of Audio Technica ATH-M50s that were stolen :'( and bought the Ultrasones to replace them based off of reviews of Ultrasones being good for electronic/ bass...
  9. bkchurch

    (Sold) Ultrasone Proline 750; Very good condition; Free shipping

    Comes with original box, demo CD, both cables, 3.5mm adapter, and spare ear pads. I bought these in 2007 for audio work at school and post-graduation I'm finding they're spending most of their time on the shelf. They're still in great shape and sound fantastic. The only noticeable wear is in...
  10. jailhouselounge

    Need help - Used Ultrasone Proline 750

    Hi, I'm new to this kind of stuff but have read many posts in this forum to decide on what kind of headphones I'm looking for. I found a deal- a broken in, 2 year old ultrasone proline 750 (for $100). I've been leaning towards purchasing either Pro 750's or ATH ESW9's... Should I bite the bullet...
  11. MorbidToaster

    Ultrasone Proline 750 (Blue Version) [2 Cables, New Earpads, Original Box)

    I'm selling these to fund 2 new purchases (getting back into the high end). This is one of my favorite closed headphones out there because it has tons of kick across the spectrum, but stays fairly balanced doing it.    All the original accessories are included and the headphones have been...
  12. stewtheking

    Ultrasone PROline 750

    I am simply not using these, and it seems obscene to have them sitting around when they could be getting some use.   I no longer have the original box, but the headphones themselves are in excellent condition, still sounding great.   There is some minor wear on the ear-pads, which is the...
  13. bkchurch

    Sell my Ultrasone Proline 750 for Sennheiser HD 598?

    So awhile back I was considering adding my second pair of cans to my Head-Fi collection. I've had my Proline 750s for four years and I love them. They're the cans that got me into the whole Head-Fi thing and arguably the first piece of high quality audio equipment I'd ever owned. So I decided it...
  14. Kukuk

    WTT: Ultrasone PROline 750 for AKG K701 (or make offer)

    Hello folks, it's that time again. Up for trade is a pair of Ultrasone PROline 750's. I very recently got these in a trade (as of writing this I've owned them for about a month), and while I'm enjoying them immensely for many things, they don't suit folk music (my favorite genre) very well. They...
  15. risenfallen

    FS: Ultrasone Proline 2500

    Due to housing situation, I have to thin out my headphones collection so I'm letting go some of the lesser used cans   Ultrasone Proline 2500: Would have kept these if my situation allowed, sadly I can't keep more than 1 open pair. In great condition, some light marks on the plastic only...
  16. bauerpower

    Ultrasone Proline 750

    these are about 15 months old but have been used quite sparingly and are in very good condition.  Will prefer to sell within AUS if possible. 
  17. warrenpchi

    My Pioneer SE-MJ591 and Sennheiser HD 228 (or HD 218i) for your Ultrasone ProLine 650 and Fostex T50RP

    I've got the following two items that I would like to trade in a lot.  The first of these is a:     The second item would be your choice of either a:     or a:     You can pick either the HD 228 or the HD 218i - whichever you like better.  I would like to trade those two items for...
  18. vale25

    Ultrasone proline 550

    Perfect condiotions. trade only europe with same level headphones (open and closed) price drop
  19. eternal_drake

    Recommendations for Ultrasone Proline 2500 amp?

    Hey there, I'm looking for an amplifier to drive my Ultrasone Proline 2500s. They're fairly low impedance (40 Ohm), but at the moment all I have in my current setup is just the cans connected to an nForce uDAC (original). My budget is at most 200$   I was doing some searching and digging and...
  20. ljokerl

    FS: Ultrasone Proline PRO 550 (price drop)

    Selling an Ultrasone PRO 550 in good condition. This headphone was modified with a non-locking connector at the earcup so that more aftermarket cables could be used with it. In addition to the standard Ultrasone long cable (3m/9ft) I will include a ~4 ft portable cable. Also including a set of...
  21. Patrol

    Denon d2000/Ultrasone proline 750

    where there is a greater bass in denon d2000 or ultrasone proline 750?
  22. bkchurch

    FS Ultrasone PROline 750; Like new with a new headband from the factory

    Bought these for monitoring but they've only got a few hundred hours of use on them. Their condition is indistinguishable from the day they came out of the box. I shipped them to Ultrasone in August 2011 to have the headband replaced because the paint was cracking, and they've pretty much been...
  23. jordan85

    Help Picking Out New DJ Cans (~$150)

    Hey all-   I am looking to get a new set of cans for DJing. I DJ old school hip hop, funk and soul, and a tiny bit of electronica. For background: I previously had HD-25-II's. I had no complaints, but I wouldn't have minded slightly more bass on the low-end, I thought highs could be a...
  24. Kukuk

    FS/FT:Ultrasone PROline 750 - Needs minor fix, make offer (Stock Fostex T50RP/AKG K271)

    Hiya everyone, doing yet another change of headphones. Wanting to sell my Ultrasone PROline 750. I want to get rid of them because lately I've been missing mid-centric sound. These have pretty good mids, considering the nature of their sound, but aren't quite up to the level I need. I have been...
  25. stephancho

    List of Cheaper Rebranded Headphones

    Creative Aurvana Live (Denon 1001) Alienware Ozma 5 (Ultrasone HFI-550)   any others?