1. HarlanDraka81


    For sale my U12T in excellent condition, purchased in September 2019 from UK 64 Audio official retailer. They come with original box, case, cable, m15 and m20 TIA modules and all original unused tips since I used third party tips with them. Proof of purchase available. Never used outside my home...
  2. JP281


    Please message me if you are thinking about selling.
  3. T1000

    FS: 64Audio U12t -SOLD-

    Hi, selling my 64Audio U12t, i´m the second owner and the unit is in flawless, like-new condition as you can see in the pictures. It´s from 3/2020, i bought it less than one week ago from a dealer for preowned gear, but they are not my cup of tee. Please note that there is still warranty on...
  4. iBo0m

    [WTB] CA Andromeda v3 / 2020.

    Hi, let me know if you have one for sale in a decent condition. Thanks.
  5. R

    [Found] 64 Audio U12t

    Hi, Interested in used 64 Audio U12t in EU. Please PM me if you have one for sale.
  6. ElecHires

    [CLOSE]⭐64 audio U12t or A12t depend of price⭐

    Want to buy a set of U12t from 64 audio pm me if want to sale yours.
  7. arijitroy2

    [FS] 64 Audio U12T, Leonidas II 2-pin 4.4mm (SOLD Both)

    Selling this TOTL iem since i believe my preferred sound signature has changed and doesn't make sense to keep these unused. I first bought the U12T on April 2019 from EarsUnlimited, but immediately I noticed the pair I got were defective, the grills came off and the 2-pin on the left ear side...
  8. K

    [Sold] 64audio U12T + 4.4mm cable

    I'm selling my 64audio U12T + 4.4mm cable. The unit is a used condition. The 64audio U12T comes with the original box and all accessories including the changeable module 1 set and the standard cable with Furutech 4.4mm as shown in the picture. The price is - includes Paypal and shipping! Sold
  9. Pinna-inna

    Utterly CRAZY review of 64 audio u12t

    Guys I just found this bizarre (to put it mildly) review of the 64 audio u12t on you tube. I don't know if the guy is mentally ill, or just plain odd, but the review is like nothing i have EVER seen before. It's an unboxing, and a genuine one, and he compares the u12ts to the campfire andromeda...
  10. R

    (Found) 64Audio U12T

    Hello, Looking to buy 64 Audio U12T. EU sellers only. PM me if you have one to sell. Thanks!
  11. Medikill

    WTB: 64 Audio U12t preferably in Aus

    looking to buy a mint or near mint condition u12t Can pay in any currency
  12. R

    [Found] 64 Audio U12T

    Hello, Looking to buy U12T. I’m located in Germany so would prefer EU sellers. PM me if you have one to sell.
  13. nlowran

    SOLD: 64 Audio U12t

    Hey everyone! Up for sale is my U12t's, best sounding headphones I've ever heard but need to put some funds back in the hobby account. Let me know if you're interested!
  14. I

    64 Audio U12t 12-Driver Earphone SOLD

    I would very much like to sell my U12t. The price is negotiable and I would very much like to help if you're interested. I will make no introduction to the device thinking that if someone is interested they know what U12t is. I live in Qatar. Ups/Fedex costs around 100-150$ to U.S. Shipping is...
  15. DrummerLeo

    FS: 64 Audio U12t with Extra Bronze Dragon Cable

    This unit is marked as used but they are in a basically new condition, I owned them for 2 weeks and used 5 hrs maximum. There is no cosmetic damage, perfect shape. However the stock cable has a crack on the right side(still usable though). As a compensation I added Moon Audio Bronze Dragon is...
  16. royneo

    [Price Drop] Open-box Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote (Free Worldwide Shipping)

    Hi all, I'm selling a good-condition Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote, bought just a few weeks ago (26th Mar). It comes with full original packaging and full accessories including 2 Silver-plated Copper cables (1 cable with 3-button remote, another without the 3-button remote). This IEM was an...
  17. lamaslamas

    WTB U12T / A12T

    PM me with your offers Preferably shipping from EU, but would consider any offer
  18. jgosroc

    U12t For sale

    If you’re looking, then you know how good these are. Little scratches mainly on one faceplate from carrying in pocket. Not dropped. Bought new Aug 18. Replaced by Audio64 I think December or early Jan - because a plate fell off due to me being an idiot and sleeping in them. I learnt my lesson...
  19. Schwibbles

    FS: retracted

  20. AEIOU9

    SOLD: 64 Audio U12T - Mint Condition

    Hello, I'm looking to sell my 64 Audio U12T. I purchased them new from 46 Audio back in March 2018 and I will provide a copy of the receipt. They are in mint condition and will come in the original packaging. I am not looking for any trades just cash. Price includes shipping in the US and...
  21. 64Audio U12t

    64Audio U12t

    The 64 AUDIO U12 Universal-Fit earphones with patent-pending tia™ technology provide the ultimate personal listening experience for audio professionals and the most discerning audiophiles. Incorporating the tia single-bore with 4 low drivers, 6 mid drivers, and the incredibly smooth tia high and...
  22. ceeloChamp

    64 Audio A12t/U12t Impressions

    It occurs to me that there aren't a lot of impressions about the A12t/U12t, as an owner of the A12t I feel obliged to gift you with my personal opinion. I paid full price for these A12ts and 64 Audio is not forcing me against my will to write this... For the entirety of this review I was using...