1. Tugainuk

    Need help upgrading sound setup,

    Hello new here, looking to upgrade my sound system on my pc , mainly gaming and some music.   I currently own a Soundblaster Z and i use a pair of Turtlebeach PX5's from my old 360, not bad sound but im no expert, plus i neva listened to a decent pair of headsets to know any different.   Im...
  2. Butthungrymonke

    Please recommend me the best wireless headphones

    Hi, My Turtle Beach PX5 headset just broke and I need to replace them with something more durable.   I would really like to be able to listen to audio from my PC and be able to answer calls on my iPhone all wirelessly. I've searched the net for hours and have not found any other headphones...
  3. ShadowDemon

    Looking for Recommendations for Over-Ear Wireless Gaming Headset for PS3/PC/Xbox360

    I am looking for some recommendations for a good set of over-ear wireless headsets for my PS3/Xbox360/PC. I have a ATH-50's that I absolutely love, but they are not wireless and I need something with a microphone for gaming. I tend to play long hours so, so battery life is important. Obviously...
  4. jmy2469

    Turtle Beach PX5 connectivity?

    I have both the PS3 and Xbox 360. I just purchased the Turtle Beach PX5. What is the proper way to hook these up? I have just been unhooking the optical cable and switching it between systems. I own the Sony 55" HX929 and there is an optical input on the tv. Can I just keep both systems hooked...
  5. jeezus

    soundstage adjuster?

    this will be on the turtle beach px5 that will release later. i have never heard of this, kinda weird.     Sonic Lens™ + Sound Field Expander Widen or narrow the sound field to focus on audio cues that are difficult to hear like footsteps sneaking up on you or the click of someone...

    Turtle Beach PX5 Question (headSET, I know)

    Has anyone with this headset actually used the software to create their own presets and such, or downloaded ones from other people who have made good ones for specific games? Because of all the reviews I've read about these, not one has mentioned using this software. So if anyone has experience...
  7. headfimarc


  8. dontknow

    Gaming Headphones for PC/Xbox360/PS3

    Hi   I'm new to all of this and I have been reading a few threads on here and couldn't find anything specific that answers my question.   I'm basically after a decent set of headphones that can be used across the Xbox 360/PS3/PC. I don't want anything that will break the bank and I'm...
  9. Mageer

    Best 7.1 gaming headset for PS3

    Hi! A friend of mine is looking for a 7.1 channel gaming headset that is compatible with the PS3. I have been searching for 7.1 gaming headsets on Head-Fi for a while now, but it seems like every thread ends with the same conclusion over and over again, that Mixamp is the best way to go. I do...
  10. Croozer

    Turtle Beach PX5 Gaming Headset

            Anyone have much experience with Turtle Beach?   This looks like a nice set for the Xbox 360 or PS3.
  11. Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 Wireless Headset

    Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 Wireless Headset

    The PX5 is the most technologically-advanced headset ever designed for PS3 and XBOX 360 gaming, incorporating a programmable digital signal processor to allow independent customization of the chat, game and microphone signals. Custom presets stored in the headset can be selected during specific...