tube rolling
  1. pbfreak422

    Best "Warm" Tubes for Lyr 2?

    I just picked up some Focal Utopias and plan on using my Schiit Lyr 2 amp for a while, so I'm looking to upgrade my stock tubes in there until I have enough to upgrade to my next amp. I know there are some Lyr 2 tube comparison threads out there, which I have read, but it seems like those focus...
  2. BPED

    Riviera AIC-10 headphones & speakers amplifier

    This fantastic amp deserves a dedicated thread so we can exchange impressions and tips… The Company – Riviera Audio Labs Riviera Audio Labs is an Italian high-end company, founded in 2017 and specialized in amplifiers (headphones, line amps, power amps). Riviera may be fairly new, but the...
  3. Gayron

    Xduoo TA-20 with Genalex Gold Lion SE (matched)

    Almost perfect cosmetic condition, full package. A pair of matched Genalex Gold Lion SE comes together with the amp. Postage and PayPal are on me.
  4. A

    Tube rolling

    Hi, i am new here and I'd like to know if someone could teach me a little bit about tube rolling, because im thinking about buying a Little Dot Mk 2, but I've heard that the stock tubes are not good enough. - Thanks in advance.
  5. TX HiFi

    Tube advice

    decided I wanted to test a tube amp and see what my jubilees sound like. Jumped in on the dark voice that’s a few months off from massdrop. I watched a zeos review of tubes and really enjoyed the sound of the ken rad and a mysterious 1954 tube. Does anyone have any more info on them or can...
  6. Climber

    SOLD: Schiit Vali 2 with extra tubes

    No introduction needed here, I assume. Love it but I plan on jumping up to a Lyr 3. Condition is excellent and in addition to the stock tube, I'm going to include a gold pin JJ and a Russian NOS -- cost me about $90. $175 shipped CONUS. Thanks.
  7. AthenaZephyrian

    Little Dot I+ tube and op-amp rolling + recommendations given

    Testing was done on Soundmagic HE400i headphones, carefully EQ'd to be roughly linear. I used an HRT Music Streamer Soundmagic II for this test. Tubes: 6JI tubes (one of which burned out after 56 hours): Stiff, dry and congested in the centre-mids, and ran hot in the upper-mids/lower treble...
  8. AthenaZephyrian

    Detailed, airy, aggressive rolling options for Little Dot I+?

    Hi all, Just picked up a Little Dot, and some matched GE 5654W's for it, and kinda like them, but found that, while the stock 6JI's are too forward in treble and upper mids (among other faults), I did find the 5654's a bit too laid back in comparison. I found the amp to be a bit veiled...
  9. Double-A

    So, who manufactures quality new production tubes?

    Hello, I wasn't exactly sure where I should post this thread, so I posted it in a few different subforums to get the most views and, hopefully, the most diverse range of answers. I was wondering what manufacturers are out there making new tubes that are high quality. I know that most users here...
  10. 1

    Valhalla 2 with extra matched ECC88 tubes

    Hi y'all, Looking to sell my Valhalla 2. The amp is in excellent condition and will come with stock tubes, NOS matched HP Amperex Holland made ECC88 tubes and a 2m long RCA cable from Ugly Cable. I'm after $500 AUD for local pickup in Sydney, Australia
  11. Phantaminum

    FS: 6922/PCC88/6DJ8 tubes

    Selling a few of tubes in my collection. Most of the tubes have around 50 hours or less unless noted. Please feel free to PM with any questions or if you’d like more pictures. From left to right: Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8 (Matched and purchased NOS) - **Sold** Amperex 7308 USN-CEP USA (Around...
  12. Geezer Rock 001

    FS EF 95 Voshkods 6ZH1P..... Pick how many you need.

    For sale 9 unmatched nos Voshkod 6ZH1P driver tubes. The real deal with the rocket ship on the covers and the line on the tubes. Dates from the 80's. Selling as a lot for $55 shipped and fees included.