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Aug 17, 2019
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Hi, i am new here and I'd like to know if someone could teach me a little bit about tube rolling, because im thinking about buying a Little Dot Mk 2, but I've heard that the stock tubes are not good enough.

- Thanks in advance.
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This should tell you all you all you need to know. But, at its simplest, use EF95/5654 tubes and you won't have to faff around with jumper settings etc. I use Tung Sols in my LD MK3 and RCA in my 1+.

Power tubes are harder to obtain, I think you are limited with the MK2 to 6n6p tubes (I use 6n30p in the mk3). Thankfully they don't make a huge difference to sound like the driver tubes do. Sellers on eBay do sell upgraded Russian 6n6ps but there is almost no choice.

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