1. Tempotec MARCH III

    Tempotec MARCH III

    TempoTec March III M3,HiFi USB Bluetooth Audio DAC Receiver, Support LDAC,AAC,GAIN,BASS,3.5/4.4mm/Coaxial/RCA/Optical Output Bluetooth receiver and USB DAC Multiple input and output interfaces bring you various choices for listening GAIN and BASS Audio formats supported Chips...
  2. TempoTec IM05

    TempoTec IM05

    Why we design IM05●Why it is called IM05?IM05 earphone is still named as TempoTec’s traditional naming habit, classified devices by musical forms since we stepped into the field of HiFi audio. Such as Sonata,Serenade,Variations,Fantasia, Waltz and now Impromptu.So IM is short for Impromptu.●The...
  3. Tempotec Serenade X

    Tempotec Serenade X

    TempoTec Serenade X TempoTec Serenade X Desktop HIFI Player DAP USB DAC Dual ESS9219 DSD256 MQA 16X TIDAL Qobuz SPDIF IN Bluetooth IN Airplay Full balanced design 4.4mm balanced output interface FPGA digital management circuit Multiple input audio source Unlimited wireless music Mobile remote...
  4. TempoTec Sonata MHD

    TempoTec Sonata MHD

    TempoTec Sonata MHD MQA 8X TIDAL Headphone Amplifier ES9281 Dongle USB DAC DSD128 TYPE-C TO 3.5MM For Android Mac Win10
  5. Tempotec Sonata E44

    Tempotec Sonata E44

    TempoTec Sonata E44 Headphone Amplifier Dual CS43131 USB Type C To 4.4MM Balance DAC& DSD256(Native) For Android Phone&PC MAC Packing Included: 1* Sonata E44 1* Adapter(female type-c to male USB-A) 1* Hi-Res logo sticker In addition, give a gift: 1* 4.4mm Male Balanced to 3.5 mm Female cable
  6. Matias

    TempoTec Owners Thread

    This thread is for owners and interested buyers to discuss about TempoTec DACs, amps and dongles. I already own a Hidizs S8 (same as Sonata HD Pro), a Sonata HD and now happy to get my Sonata E44. :) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002723420122.html
  7. Tempotec Sonata HD II

    Tempotec Sonata HD II

    TempoTec Sonata HD Ⅱ TYPE C to 3.5MM DSD128 Headphone Amplifier Adapter DAC For Android Phone PC MAC Input: TYPE-C Output: 3.5mm earphone port Product length: 11.3cm SNR: 116dB OUTPUT POWER: 70mw/32ohm SUPPORT : PCM 32bit/384khz, DSD 128 (DOP) SUPPORT: 2VRMS/600ohm Instructions 1. Sonata HD...
  8. Tempotec Sonata E35

    Tempotec Sonata E35

    Specifications DAC: DUAL CS43131 SNR: 128dB THD+N: 113dB Output level: 2VRMS Output power: 80 mW/32ohm Frequency: 0-40KHZ /+-DB Crosstalk: -95dB Support: 32Bit PCM/384kHz DSD256 (native) DSD128(DOP) Support: HW volume control Support: PC MAC and Android Compatible with W7, W8, W10 and ASIO driver
  9. Tempotec Sonata BHD

    Tempotec Sonata BHD

    TempoTec Sonata BHD Type C to 2.5mm DSD256 for Android Phone&PC&MAC Headphone Amplifier adapter DAC DUAL CS43131 Balance output Dual DAC decoding Real Balance output Two CS43131 decoding chip Volume Button, native DSD decoding Two CIRRUS LOGIC low-power high-resolution decoding chips...
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  11. Tempotec Sonata HD PRO

    Tempotec Sonata HD PRO

  12. Tempotec Sonata HD

    Tempotec Sonata HD

  13. Javed

    Tempotec v1 a

    I'm getting the tempotec v1 a. which iem should I pair it with? an any dac recommendation under $300? thank you everyone
  14. TempoTec V1-A

    TempoTec V1-A

    TempoTec Variations V1-A AK4377ECB DSD256 Bluetooth APTX USB DAC HiFi DAP Description 1200mah battery capacity High precision crystal oscillator Low noise PLL technology reduce jitter Exclusive USB driver Dual direction Bluetooth MSEB Mixer AAC DSD direct stream digital LDAC...
  15. HIDIZS Tempotec Serenade iDSD

    HIDIZS Tempotec Serenade iDSD

    They made it almost impossible to copy info directly from their site, so this is the short version, from Aliexpress :) Brand Name: TEMPOTEC DSD (Direct Stream Digital): Yes Package: YES Type:USB DAC& Amplifier Body Material: Metal Input Type: USB&PHONE PCM: Yes Model Number: Serenade iDSD...
  16. IryxBRO

    Tempotec Serenade iDSD — desktop DAC&AMP

    Another interesting invention for us — TEMPOTEC Corporation that specializes on developing and manufacturing PC audio cards and recently focusing and shifting to home audio appliance field. Despite the fact that TEMPOTEC has more than two decades of history, we don’t see its products on the...