1. Nikolay Vutov

    Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Audio-Technica has announced new Hi-Res closed-back “Sound Reality” headphones ATH-MSR7b as an upgrade of the award-winning ATH-MSR7. They are available in black and gunmetal. The ATH-MSR7b headphones give you the latest in high-resolution headphone technology, combining the advanced...
  2. gaiastar

    can you help me to decide between ATH-M50X & HD598 ?

    Hi i have read a lot of good about Audio Technica Pro ATH-M50X , exceptional for what they cost i haven't tried them but my trusty headphone are broken , long sad story can you help me to decide between Audio Technica Pro ATH-M50X & Sennheiser HD598 ? i have taken in consideration AKG K701...
  3. coolhandlukeboy

    My Audio Technicas fell apart, any suggestions for new phones?

    Hey all, I have used Head-Fi for years to increase my knowledge of headphones and to figure out what I might like. This is my first post, so thanks in advance for any assistance. I am at a bit of loss right now about what to do. I was very happy with my ATH-AD900x headphones, but they let me...