1. yumcax

    do-it-all amp setup for university

    Hi all, I'm heading off to university next year and want to have a good simple audio setup for studying and relaxing. My current sources and hardware are as follows: Google chromebook Pixel (running Linux via crouton) Nexus 5 android phone ATH m50 BA100 iem (haven't had good experiences with...
  2. SoulSyde

    The TDK BA100: A Bit Like Beige Wallpaper, But...

    "The TDK BA100: A Bit Like Beige Wallpaper, But..."   ...I Like Them!  I have all of about 4 hours of listening time with these headphones, but I don't think I need more to justify my thoughts.  They are BA (balance armature) drivers so burn-in is not a factor.  For this test I used my iPod...
  3. J

    SOLD TDK BA-100

      Up for sale is a pair of TDK-BA100.  I just received them a few days ago, but realized that I have too many IEM's.   I bought these from Newegg for $50, so I'm selling them for a little less. They are now back up at $124 at this site.  I have only used them for 5-6 hours and they come...
  4. ulogin

    TDK BA100 + ATH-CKM50

    Up for sale are these recently purchased "FOTM"s (bought in Nov 11 and Jan 12, respectively):     TDK BA100 + Audio-Technica ATH-CKM50: $OLD     Both are in excellent condition. Included are all the original accessories: suede carrying pouch, original ear tips, and packaging.  ...
  5. earplug

    TDK BA-100 in-ear earphones

    I could use some extra money to buy some new headphones/earphones, so I'm selling what I no longer need.   Here's what I have available right now:     TDK BA-100 ($xx shipped) condition: used (like new)   I had second thoughts on selling these, so I'm keeping them for now.  ...
  6. Carlsan

    TDK BA100 In Ear Balanced Headphones - brand new and sealed - SOLD!

    Bought these back in June from Newegg. Never got around to opening them. These are brand new and sealed.   I will cover shipping in US, but not paypal fees.   International shipping is up to the buyer.   Compare them to Amazon prices, these are an excellent value! List: $199...
  7. Swimsonny

    TDK BA100

    These are practically brad new with all accessories. Used for 2 weeks and have about 20 hours.   Price includes shipping to the UK but will need a tad more for worldwide which you can email me about.
  8. dziendobry

    TDK BA100

    I bought these in December from Newegg.  I have put 2 hours on them, they come with all original unused tips (including comply), filters, clip, extension and adapter.  I have the original outer box but without the inner contents if wanted/needed.  Price includes shipping and paypal fees.
  9. Emospence

    TDK BA100 medium sized tips

    Hi all,   I'm looking to purchase the medium sized single flange silicone tips that comes with the TDK BA100s.   S$5.   Sellers in Singapore only, please.   Thank you!
  10. i2ehan

    FS: q-Jays, RE252, BA-100 (& MORE)

    Before I bid Head-Fi adieu, I'll be selling off all IEM's in my possession, including the UM Miracle and K3003, among many others. Prices are as follows, and include both Paypal fees, as well as shipping fees within the US:   q-Jays - $145: In box, with original accessories. White version...
  11. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] TDK BA100- BA200s Lil Bro

    TDK BA100 Review   Intro If you have checked out any of my other reviews you will probably have read my review of the TDK BA200. If you have not I can sum it up as being very positive and that I found them both phenomenal for the money and compared to more expensive IEMs. This was quite a...
  12. sonickarma

    TDK BA-100 - Mint Boxed

    TDK BA-100  - Mint Boxed Mint Boxed - used for a few minutes but dont like the fit Mint condition - comes with all items in pictures FIRM PRICE:    UK £40 FREE Recorded post  (Add £3 for insurance)    Europe £48 with signed for post  (Add £3 for insurance)    OTHER: £55 with...
  13. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] TDK Life in Record's EB950, BA100, BA200, and ST700 - Serious Business.

    Up until recent, TDK is best known for its storage media – from the early cassette and floppy, to the more recent CD-R and DVD-R, and perhaps also for the lesser known of its involvement in developing and licensing of Blu-ray disc as well as USB flash drive. What isn’t quite as well known about...
  14. lee730

    Hisound BA100 IEM Appreciation Thread.

    Hello Folks. Hisound has just recently released a new single BA driver called the BA100. From what I am told this is a proprietary design of Hisound. That they created this driver themselves in house and that the sound quality should be quite good. I haven't received my unit yet but once I do...
  15. TDK BA100

    TDK BA100

    Mastered by our Audio Research Lab to deliver authentic sound, the TDK BA100 headphones are sonically optimized with an innovative, sound isolating design ensuring a superior acoustic experience for any genre, at any volume. With high-performance, balanced armature micro drivers, these...