do-it-all amp setup for university
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Feb 5, 2012
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Feb 5, 2012
Hi all, I'm heading off to university next year and want to have a good simple audio setup for studying and relaxing. My current sources and hardware are as follows:

Google chromebook Pixel (running Linux via crouton)
Nexus 5 android phone
ATH m50
BA100 iem (haven't had good experiences with these yet)

Currently I've been looking at the fiio e18 dac, which I believe would be a good match for my laptop and phone, and i like the charging feature on it. I think for now I'd like a single amp for desk and mobile use, unless I'd get better performance for the price elsewhere. I'd also like to hear how the e18 compares to the e12, x3, and other portable amps.

And finally, as my first amp, it would be fun to pair it with a set of higher impedance cans. I like my m50s and don't feel like replacing them unless there is something that will do everything they do better. I'm quite open to a new set of iems, but I'd like to hear how the ba100 sound amped.

Thanks for any help given!

edit: can anyone speak to compatibility on the nexus 5 or similar android devices with the e18? My phone does not have much storage space, so on campus I plan to make heavy usage of wifi streaming Google Play Music. I'm running Paranoid Android as my rom if that makes any difference. Cheers!
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