1. defaultchi

    Is it possible to tune a 60Hz woofer enclosure to around 40Hz?

    Hello, I'm working on a Bluetooth stereo system; please assist me with these questions. 1. My woofer speaker's Fs is 63Hz; can I tune the enclosure to 40Hz or lower? If not, how frequently should I design? 2. Can two woofers share the same enclosure volume because they are of the same spec...
  2. YAS-207 Sound Bar with DTS® Virtual:X

    YAS-207 Sound Bar with DTS® Virtual:X

    World's first sound bar with DTS Virtual:X virtual 3D surround sound* Slim, understated design perfectly complements your TV Wireless subwoofer for powerful bass with flexible placement Bluetooth® wireless music streaming Simple setup with HDMI®, optical or analog connection Enhanced Realism...
  3. Dobrescu George

    Polk Signa S2 Soundbar & Subwoofer

    Hello everyone! I have made a full in-depth review about this one :) Also posted my review on Head-Fi :) Also...
  4. Polk Signa S2 Soundbar & Subwoofer

    Polk Signa S2 Soundbar & Subwoofer

    Signa S2 Universal TV Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System Elevates home theatre and music well beyond what you hear from your TV's small built-in speakers Works with your TV and includes HDMI and optical cable for quick, easy setup 2” tall, low-profile design won’t block your TVs bottom...
  5. C

    Need help picking an audio set

    Hey I am looking for an audio solution for my TV/pc for mainly for watching movies and a bit of music(rap, rock, classical). Looking for something in the 400-500$ range. It will be used in a small room not a living room. I don't know if I should get a soundbar + subwoofer or if I'll be better of...
  6. teej

    Dual Mis-matched Subwoofers?

    I bought an Elac SUB3010 when they went on sale. It arrives Tuesday. The plan was to replace a Polk PSW10, but having heard so much good about the dual-sub experience, I am thinking I will probably try both. But I'm curious if they will give me trouble/conflict being that they are mis-matched...
  7. ryry1

    Adding Subwoofer to PC set up with external DAC

    Wanted to ask before I start playing around myself - I currently have a PC setup consisting of 2 active monitors that are RCA’d into my Schiit DAC/ amp combo that are connected to my PC via optical to my Soundblaster Titanium. A friend just gave me (for free) his Edifier S730’s. Since my studio...
  8. R

    Add a sub to stereo powered monitors

    I have powered Mackie CR5BT powered speakers and I'm wondering if there is some way to add a powered sub to them?
  9. Fuzziekiwi

    Asgard 2 + JBL LSR305 + SUB?

    Recently bought LSR305's and would like to add a sub to my computer setup. They are currently hooked into my Asgard 2. Is there a way to add a sub (Polk Audio PSW10), what cables/connections would I need to get this working?
  10. tmorterlaing

    Amp with subwoofer output?

    Hey all! THE SIMPLE VERSION: Can someone recommend an amp less than about £300 which has a dedicated subwoofer output? Slightly longer version: I have a set of Joey Roth speakers and subwoofer. The amplifier is broken though, so I need one which has a dedicated subwoofer output. AFAIK the...
  11. tmorterlaing

    Joey Roth Amp help :(

    Hey guys, really hoping you can help, I’m totally stuck :( - I have one of the amazing looking Joey Roth Speaker/Subwoofer sets (incredible designs by the way, really amazing). It was shipped from the USA from an eBay seller (I’m in the UK). Everything is working great except the amp doesn’t...
  12. Bedroomdj

    Suggestions for dorm room computer speaker setup

    Hi i have a budget of lets call it $600 and that is pushing it, i may be able to up it to $7/800 but lets try to not go much over 6. im moving into my dorm which is about 11'x12' and 7'-9' tall. (Due to neighbors i was told that i should just get 2 speakers like the paradigm shift a2's, the...