1. Stealth Sonics C9 Pro

    Stealth Sonics C9 Pro

    The C9 Pro is a 9 balanced armatures flaghsip from StealthSonics Technology : Klarity valve to reduce pressure build up and fatigue in the ear canal from long usage Stealth damping for more controlled bass response SonicFlo Acoustics for resonance and cancellation reduction. Specifications ...
  2. Stealth Sonics U9 JDM

    Stealth Sonics U9 JDM

    Stealth Series: Custom and Universal In-Ear Monitor Systems Most people don't know that your ear is a unique acoustic machine, with a frequency response all its own. And like fingerprints, every ear is different. That's why we offer IEMs in both convenient, affordable universal-fit models or...
  3. Stealth Sonics U2

    Stealth Sonics U2

  4. Stealth Sonics U4

    Stealth Sonics U4

  5. Stealth Sonics U9

    Stealth Sonics U9

    [From the Stealth Sonics website]:: Our flagship 9-driver model is a hybrid system designed for anyone who requires the most accurate sonic profile. It features a precision-calibrated large diameter dynamic driver together with four Super-High drivers. Housed in acoustically-optimised composite...
  6. Jackpot77

    Stealth Sonics IEM impressions thread

    This thread is for impressions and reviews of the Stealthsonics U-series and C-series IEMs. Impressions links: Full review links: [U4] [U9]...