stealth sonics
  1. Stealth Sonics U9 JDM

    Stealth Sonics U9 JDM

    Stealth Series: Custom and Universal In-Ear Monitor Systems Most people don't know that your ear is a unique acoustic machine, with a frequency response all its own. And like fingerprints, every ear is different. That's why we offer IEMs in both convenient, affordable universal-fit models or...
  2. Stealth Sonics U2

    Stealth Sonics U2

  3. Stealth Sonics U4

    Stealth Sonics U4

  4. Stealth Sonics U9

    Stealth Sonics U9

    [From the Stealth Sonics website]:: Our flagship 9-driver model is a hybrid system designed for anyone who requires the most accurate sonic profile. It features a precision-calibrated large diameter dynamic driver together with four Super-High drivers. Housed in acoustically-optimised composite...
  5. Jackpot77

    Stealth Sonics IEM impressions thread

    This thread is for impressions and reviews of the Stealthsonics U-series and C-series IEMs. Impressions links: Full review links: [U4] [U9]...