1. carltonh

    Found a cheap clone of a cheap Sony that is oddly not half bad

    I thought I was buying a Sony MDR-XB21EX earphone off Ebay for $6.18 shipped free from China to USA, but it was actually a "Headroom" brand MDR-XB21EX, which just happens to look identical except for logo. So this is not a "fake" per se, it is a true "clone". The packaging no where says Sony...
  2. sulkoudai

    Anybody tried/have the new Sony XB41ex or the XB21ex??

    anybody tried these 'Xtra Bass' iems that came out January this year??   there seems to be no impression of these iems online (according to google and head fi search)....
  3. veve

    have you seen this boxing(packing)?? mdr-xb21ex

    why is this different from the pictures i have seen from the searched image I saw??   mine...
  4. oops2001


    Hi I would like to know about the sound quality of the new xb21ex headphones if anyone has used them. thanks
  5. suman134

    ultimate ears 350 review , compairison with denon ah-c260 and sony xb21ex

    this is the new , ultimate ears 350 , may be the first piece in my city . ultimate ears have given us the past impressions of being badly priced and a dark sound with some harsh audio , my mfi220 was like that and my friends mfi 170 is not hugely forgiving too . but the new batch of earphones...
  6. suman134

    the all new xb41ex and xb21ex review , ( the finla verdict ) .

              sony has renewed their xb line up with a new batch of earphones , sony as a earphone brand , is what i dont recommend most of the times but things may change this time around , i hope so .         sony had started their xxtra bass ( i dont know where the "E" is ) series in 2009 and...
  7. Thilly

    Sony Extra Bass   any one used these before? is the quality alright? im fine with mediocre. i love bass too. i was thinkin of just gettin the s4. the above link looks like a really good deal though.
  8. Sony MDR-XB21EX Extra Bass Headphones

    Sony MDR-XB21EX Extra Bass Headphones

    Extra Bass headphones are the ultimate for hip-hop and club music listening.