1. TJBender

    Sony: MDR-NC200D or MDR-NC60?

    Hi everyone,   Just looking for some opinions and advice here. I ordered a pair of Sony MDR-NC60 headphones with frequent flyer miles (guess what I'm using them for?) based on good reviews of the noise cancellation and sound quality--and the fact that they cost 16,000 miles less than a pair...
  2. darkburnout00

    The Sony MDR-NC60 What do you think??

    I've heard nothing but bad things about them... Though I did hear that the noise canceling was effective, I heard that the sound quality is poor. Is the sound quality THAT bad?? I don't really have the opportunity to try them out myself, but I guess my standard of comparison are the ipod...
  3. TheChuckster

    Best active noise canceling headphones

    What's the best active noise canceling headphones? I'm looking for the ones with the most comfort and the largest reduction in outside noise. I live in the loudest dorm on campus and I can't sleep because people are really noisy at 2 AM. I'm not looking for ones that go inside your ear. I had...
  4. Ringoko

    Around-Ear headphones for mp3 player?

    I'm looking for a pair of closed, circumaural headphones for use with my ipod touch. I'd prefer to spend between £50-£100. (For anyone not in the UK, god knows what that translates to in your money. If it helps, the Sennheiser HD280pro, Creative Aurvana, and Sony MDR-NC60 all seem to fall...
  5. scott81425

    looking for a recommendation

    ok, first off, this is a great forum. i've read through it a lot, and enjoyed the reading. now let me explain my situation a bit. i'm looking for a set of cans primarily to use in bed. i won't be sleeping in them, but will spend a considerable amount of time "winding down" with them. they will...
  6. JamesMcProgger

    [QZ99] Improve or Destroy. [DESTROY]

    Good day everyone. I have the QZ99 headphones (40$) from Koss, the sound quality is totally lame. instruments separation is OK, but that's it. I believe they are flat because nothing ever pop up over anything. ever.  ...
  7. rcaste

    Wanting to buy Sony MDRNC60. Reviews?

    Hey folks, I am looking to buy Sony MDRNC60 headphones. They are noise cancelling headphones, and I am going to be using them for commuting purposes in the Toronto subway system. I had, for the past week Audio Technica ANC27, and while the sound was amazing the comfort was not. I had to...
  8. Vladraiter

    Porta Pro vs. MDR NC60

    First of all, I know that compare these two is a great mistake. I know there are huge differences between them, but I'd like to compare them for a simple reason: I own the first one and I'm thinking about the second one, because my Portapro died curled in a bus seat (damn you, bus driver!).  ...
  9. rbarrell

    SONY MDR NC-60 thudding noise whilst walking

    Bought a new pair of the sony noise cancelling headphones and all is well and dandy except for the horrible thudding noise in my ear when I walk. This only happens when the NC is switched on and if my foot lands too heavily I also get a crackling noise in my left ear. Are they faulty or is this...
  10. beachgeek

    Sony MDR-NC60 for $95 at Dell

    Dell Home has the Sony MDR-NC60  on sale for $95 and wondered if these are good headphones for that price?
  11. Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Canceling Headphone

    Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Canceling Headphone

    High quality noise canceling Headphones