Best active noise canceling headphones
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Feb 25, 2007
What's the best active noise canceling headphones? I'm looking for the ones with the most comfort and the largest reduction in outside noise. I live in the loudest dorm on campus and I can't sleep because people are really noisy at 2 AM. I'm not looking for ones that go inside your ear. I had IEMs that got stuck in my ear and ruptured my right ear drum. That's the last time I use IEM's. Thanks!
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Interesting situation you have.  While I can fully endorse the noise cancelling abilities of my SONY MDR-NC60 headset – I feel they are better at it than the BOSE available at the time, it is an expensive way to go to block out neighbor noise.  The AT line may be as good, perhaps better, but nothing available is going to give you silence.  (There are some British made noise cancelling headphones made for industry and firearms but I have not had an opportunity to try them, verrrrry pricy.)  If you are not interested in impressing anyone you might look into the ORANGE silicone inserts by Nexcare; they seem to be larger than some others on the market and do not penetrate the external auditory meatus as do so many others.  In fact, I use them at the range in conjunction with a set of relatively inexpensive over the ear hearing protectors; it would have to be quite the party to get through that combination.

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