1. SolidSnakeUS

    Sony MDR-EX300 vs. Sony MDR-XB40EX vs. NuForce NE-700X

    I guess it really comes down to these three right now. I know I could throw in the Klipsch S4 Image, but these are $65 and under right now and would just like an opinion on these and which ones you guys would recommend. I do like bass, but I don't want it shattering my ears and drowning out...
  2. devilsadvocate

    Already have ie80, love them, considering another headphone, JVC FX700?

    So stupidly, I left my workout bag on the train and away went my Monster Miles Davis Tributes.  I have another set but now I'm thinking it may be time to get something else as well.  I like the MDTs and loves my IE80s.  I also had the fx500s and loved them until they broke, in particular the...
  3. Ambroos

    Sony EX300's fell apart, MDR-EX600 vs MDR-7550 vs XBA-4?

    Hello there!   About exactly two years ago I bought a pair of MDR-EX300's to replace my MDR-EX082's I got with my Walkman A series. I really liked those (especially the shape), but unfortunately they're impossible to find as most of them are fakes. So I got a pair of MDR-EX300's and I got to...
  4. Nriku

    Sennheiser CX 400 II's replace

    My sennheisers have died from the jack connector, and I'm searching for a new ones. I want to spend at maximium 60€ and at least the same sound quality as the sennheiser.   What did you think about:   - Sony EX310LP (not yet avaliable in Spain) - Sony EX300 - Sennheiser CX 875 -...
  5. chriscu1

    MDR-EX300LP: pleasantly surprised!

    There were on sale at Best Buy for $71, so I took a shot on them because I wanted to get back into the IEM/bud game. These sounded way better than I was expecting, mainly because previous Sony buds I had tried over the years were average at best. I have some comply tips coming to see if that...
  6. mackat

    Earbuds and Headphones similar to the portapros?

    I don't particularly like grados, ue 170, ety hf5, sony xb300, sony ex300.   I do like portapros and JVC air cushions, but portapros more   Do you think I would like sr80s more than the 60is i have right now?   Under $80, preferably under 60   Thanks a lot,   mackat
  7. hasanyuceer

    Sound difference between Sony EX300 between USA and ASIA versions?

    Does anyone know if there is any sound difference between the ASIA and USA versions of EX300? Or they are the same about sound, only difference is packaging?
  8. rarebear

    CONTERFIT Sony Earphones @eBay   The seller is in Guangzhou, China Bootleg capitol of the world :)   I bought some Sony Ex-300 from a guy in NYC and they where bootleg and it seems like eBay dosen't care as they are happy to collect...
  9. pckolik13

    Which one should i select ?

    Now I have a ep-630.I want to upgrade it.But don't have too much alternative.Because of my country.(I won't buy from abroad) Sony mdr-ex300sl Sony mdr-ex77 Sennheiser cx 200 street ii / cx 270 / cx 271 / cx 280 / cx 281 / cx 350 street ii Jays j-jays  These earphones are my options...
  10. kjk1281

    New Sony IEMs: EX500 and EX300

    Sony is going to release two new IEMs in October that are going to slot below the MDR-EX700. The design appears to be similar, except these more affordable models use smaller 13.5mm drivers as opposed to the 700's 16mm. Some websites have reported that the EX500 and EX300 are the successors to...
  11. tricker_tbt

    Totally Confused on which IEM to buy

    Hi guys, i've been reading for a long time waiting til the moment when my stock ipod headphones stop working and its end is coming (no complaints here). Could you guys help me narrow down my choices to two or three? I listen to a lot of rock and alternative music, mostly at 320 kpbs on an ipod...
  12. Sony MDR-EX300/BLK Vertical In-the-Ear Style EX Style Headphones (Black)

    Sony MDR-EX300/BLK Vertical In-the-Ear Style EX Style Headphones (Black)

    Vertical in-the-ear style for wearing comfort High quality monitor sound with newly developed 13.5mm driver units