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Sennheiser CX 400 II's replace

  1. Nriku
    My sennheisers have died from the jack connector, and I'm searching for a new ones.
    I want to spend at maximium 60€ and at least the same sound quality as the sennheiser.
    What did you think about:
    - Sony EX310LP (not yet avaliable in Spain)
    - Sony EX300
    - Sennheiser CX 875
    - Denon AH-C360
    An important think for me is the warranty avaliability.
    Thanks for the help
  2. ZARIM
    The Sony EX310 (overall very crisp clear in mids, highs and offers dynamic punchy bass), JVC XX IEMs (big bass with very clear mids, highs), Turbine (deep reverbing bass with great highs and midrange clarity) are great sounding IEMs(very engaging).
  3. mbamg
    60 Euros is way too much for IEMs of these standards. Which stores do you plan to buy from?
    Also, there are plenty of IEMs <$50 US that I've found to sound better than my CX300s, and from what I've read the CX400 doesn't sound all that different.
    Edit: Well, if you want the AH-360s, here's an online store in Spain: http://www.supersonido.es/cas/site/productos-ficha.asp?id=9072
    Not sure about the warranty though.
  4. Nriku
    I just bought the Sony 310.
    First impressions:
    - The material of the cord is not as good as the sennheiser.
    - The bass is gooood (a bit better than the sennheiser)
    - The treble is not as good as the sennheiser.
    I hope that after 50 hours it improve =)
    Thanks for the help.

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