1. wegz34

    How's the bass on skullcandy crusher?

    I'm thinking about going to get a pair of skull candy crushers(Not skullcrushers). And I was just wondering how good the bass is. I heard there is actually two real sub woofers in them. And do they take any batteries?
  2. xluben

    SkullCandy Crushers

    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried these. I am sure that they are not audiophile quality sound, as they are targeted towards snowboarders and skateboarders, but I was wondering if they are worth the money just a for a fun sounding pair of headphones that can really pump the bass. They have...

    Best Portable over ear

    Im looking for a pair of portable over ear headphones. I am currently looking at the Shure SRH440, Sony MDRXB600N, and the skullcandy crushers. I just want something with good sound quality and portablility(foldable). My budget is around 50 the 100 mark.
  4. Roboturner913

    Skullcandy Crusher

    I know, I know, Skullcandy, but has anybody tried these? They have a self-contained "amp" to boost bass. I expect it's not really an amp but instead is the headphone equivalent of those vibrating transducers you mount under your home theater seating. The effect is powerful nonetheless. With the...
  5. 1337r0x

    Sennheiser HD429S vs Skullcandy crushers

    Hello,   So I'm confused about Sennheiser HD429S vs Sennheiser HD215 vs Skullcandy crushers . Now before everyone gets mad because I'm comparing the quality to the fashion : I want to say that I feel the crushers are an exception . I usually listen to vocal dubstep / dubstep / trance / techno...
  6. Meshaboo

    The mother grubbin' struggle

    Hey guys...   Soooooo I've been haunting poor Best Buy stores around my college because I've been wanting to try out different headphones. I had the Sony MDR V55 for about a year and a half (on my 3rd pair because the 1st two cracked on the swivel). I really enjoyed having them (and my heart...
  7. ACR69

    What do you guys think about the new Skullcandy Crushers?

    When I first saw these headphones I thought these were a direct competitor for the Beats by Dre. But then I saw the price tag and was actually surprised about the price. Has anyone heard these yet. They have a built-in amplifier, over ear design, a sleek modern design, and are foldable. I'm just...
  8. wburton

    Skullcandy Crusher: Any Thoughts?

    So Skullcandy has a huge add on their page about their new headphones with really powerful bass. They also have a bunch of celebrities and random people testing them. Does anyone think they will be good? Or just a failed successor to the Beats by Dre legacy? (I dislike Beats, too)
  9. kyuuketsuki

    Skullcandy Crushers Brief Impression Review

    OK! So before I start, I want to preface this by saying this will be an honest review. To be fair to these headphones I'm not really going to try comparing them to anything, because nothing I have listened to had the goal of these, which is mind numbing (or ear vibrating) bass. If I had a pair...
  10. coolkidsforlife

    New Skullcandy Crushers.

    I just saw the new crushers and they look sweet. How do they compare with the hesh 2 and is the battery mandatory or can I use it without a battery?
  11. Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Mic White, One Size

    Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Mic White, One Size

    You may have missed the concert, but you can still feel like you're there when you listen to the recording on your Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Mic. That's because in addition to the crisp-sounding Supreme Sound drivers, the Crusher features separate battery-powered subwoofers to deliver...