Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Mic White, One Size

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You may have missed the concert, but you can still feel like you're there when you listen to the recording on your Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Mic. That's because in addition to the crisp-sounding Supreme Sound drivers, the Crusher features separate battery-powered subwoofers to deliver brain-rattling bass without compromising sound clarity. The subs are controlled with an in-line bass switch so you can crank the bass up or down depending on what you're in the mood for, and there's also an in-line mic that allows you to answer calls from your smart phone without having to pull it out of your pocket.Product FeaturesMaterial: Driver: 40 mmFrequency Response: Input Connection: 3.5 mmCord Length: 1.3 mWeight: Recommended Use: making your ears bleedManufacturer Warranty: lifetime

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Pros: Foldable, internal amp, soundstage is fantastic, light, easy access to battery. very comfortable
Cons: Bass sounds somewhat unnatural, speakers to small for me (like big ones), bass shaker( don't feel the natural product of speaker)
I got these headphones because I needed headphones other than the JVC 55x because the 55xs leaked a lo,t so i wanted headphones that wouldn't leak as much and these seemed the part. I've owned these for a couple days and I like them just not as much as i thought I would.
The accessories the headphones came with was a cloth bag, extra batteries, and the cord. These aren't "look at me!'" like the JVC 55xs are and handle vocals much better. they look much more plain and regular.
As far as sound goes the 55s more natural sounding bass, more of a thump than a boom sound. the 55s lows and mids were fine but the highs were grainy and weren't as clear. The skullcandy headphones have more of a boom than a thump. Also the Crushers had high clear vocals and clear mids. You also don't get a natural feeling vibration from the headphones. That's the part i don't like about the headphones, but i still am very satisfied with the sound. These also can handle about every genre there is. I listen to metal as well as Metalcore, some Metalstep and Dubstep, and classical and they sound fantastic.
For build quality they are very good. When you hold these in your hands the give a reassuring feeling of "these wont break easily" even though it made of plastic. There are no weak points in the plastic that iv'e found. The jvcs did not give me the same feeling. The vents on the bottom are fake I'm pretty sure. However, for leak control these are very good as a t full volume you can still barely hear them on someone-else's head.
These headphone are the most comfortable ones I've had. The ear-cup pads are very comfortable and made of stitched leatherette material.
Event though the bass is boomy the headphones hit pretty hard and yet have no distortion. My favorite part about the headphones is the internal amplifier and the amount of bass it amplifies especially the fact you can control it with a slider.
In conclusion if you want a pair of headphones as good as beats for cheaper but better these are the way to go in that context. The sound was way better than i expected to be honest and the design is cool and casual not show off like. I've showed these headphones to people with beats and and they all have said " well the they've outdone the beats" and no longer own beats anymore.
It would be cool, however, if they could make an xl version of these with 60-70 mm speaker with a 55 mm secondary speaker. basically the same with bigger components and a bigger ear-cup. That'd be bad***
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You got em!! Glad you're enjoying them!


New Head-Fier
Pros: Soundstage, spacious, build, decent midrange, tight bass without bass turned on
Cons: doesnt add bass it adds vibration, doesnt come with protective case, edgy treble
So the technology behind the ear cups are quite interesting. This headphone is marketed towards teenagers for the "Bass Sensation". The headphone has a slider on thhe left ear cup, and its job is to "add bass", what it really does is add a vibration feeling. Unfortuantely it requires a AA battery to turn on the feature, but the headphone still can play without the feature turned on and without the battery in place. This headphone costs around eighty dollars, and its very well worth the price.
The lower frequencies on this headphone without the feature turned on, its pretty good. The bass is very tight, but still a warmth feeling. The midrange is detailed. The treble is a little edgy but it still sounds decent.
Very very very very very good value. Sounds great, and good build quality and good feature.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Natural bass effect, thin but tough cord, distortion-avoiding moving driver, soft cusions
Cons: Vocals are somewhat recessed, clamping pressure wears off, heavy.
I've owned these for over seven months, so I decided that a review of my experience with them so far would be good. They've met my expectations so far, and were worth the cost. 
Accessories: They come with a cloth drawstring bag for carrying. Honestly, the bag is bad. The string has no clamp, and the knot comes undone. I don't take these out of my house, so the fact that the bag is worthless doesn't matter to me. If you need to take these with you on the go, a different carrying case would be a good investment.
Looks: Skullcandy has been changing lately, and these headphones are proof of that. The styling of them is much less "in your face" and much more "I value how my music sounds" . They are big and basic. They fairly simple, with mostly straight lines and nothing all that striking about them. Even though I'm a teenager I wasn't looking for fashionable headphones, and these definitely are not fashion headphones, which is unique for Skullcandy.
Build Quality: These are made up mostly of plastic, so I wasn't sure how the durability on these would be. After having them for seven months, I can safely say these are durable. I don't treat them all that nicely, but they have no cracks, breaks, scratches, or faded parts. I wore these out in the rain a couple of times, and they are still perfectly fine. The cable they come with is also thin, but definitely not cheaply made. I've run the cable over with my chair quite a few times, and got it stuck in one of the wheels more than once. The cable is showing no signs of wear. Both ends also have a nice metal covering, preventing the cable from damage at the ends. 
Isolation: Very good. One of my friends likes these more than his Beats Studios (Monster version), because the isolation is outstanding for headphones without noise cancellation, but still deliver big on sound.
Now onto the most important part, the sound. I'm very satisfied with the way they sound. 
Lows: This is of course what these were made for. These are in every way basshead headphones, and they shine in in this category. I listen to quite a bit of EDM, mainly subgenres like drumstep, along with country (I live outside a town of 800 people, and I raise steers, so country music is still at the base of my nature) and some rock. In bass-heavy songs, these deliver a nice kick on the lows. The Sensation55 drivers, while supposed to activate at 55 Hz and below, actually activate around 65 Hz. This activation still depends on volume and slider position, so there is no set point where the activate. The slider is also a key feature that helps maintain a healthy amount of bass without gargling up too much of the mids. The Rex40 drivers deliver very good, punchy lows on their own, the the secondary drivers are the key to making these rumble on frequencies that should rumble, albeit too much sometimes. It's really like being a room with well placed subwoofer, rather than a woofer right up against your ear like the old Skullcrushers. On country and rock, as well as most other non-electronic genres, turning the bass boost off will still deliver punchy bass, but will emphasize and the other frequencies much more. 
Mids: The Crushers have some minor difficulties with the mids, at least with the bass-boost on. When the bass-boost is on, vocals are recessed and don't sound all that forward. They don't really sound muffled, but if you really want prominent vocals these arn't the headphones you want. The bass made by the Sensation55 drivers doesn't articulate quickly enough for the mids to sound their best. With the bass-boost off, the Rex40 drivers create good treble, and make the headphones much more suitable for vocal music. 
Highs: The highs arn't spectacular, but they're much better than Skullcandy's lineup is known for. They sound like highs should, clear yet not shrill. They are pleasant to listen to. They don't sound amazing, but that shouldn't be expected from basshead headphones. 
Tl:Dr sound review: Punchy bass that makes a good rumble, mids that are there but sort of an afterthought, and pleasant, fairly clear highs. 
Verdict: If you'r e a basshead, buy these. You won't regret it. Music becomes more fun to listen to, but sacrifices some clarity.
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