1. karljs

    Help: Switching from IEM to sturdy over-ear?

    Hi, I own a pair of Shure E4 IEMs, which I've been using non-stop since I bought them a few years back.  I have been mostly pleased with them, except I just can't get used to all the extra noise that comes with IEM territory.  For that reason, I'm thinking about buying a nice pair of...
  2. RedBeanPaste

    HELP : Fake shure?

    I was looking around eBay and can someone tell me if this is a fake Shure It looks like a Shure E4 but I have never seen that color combination
  3. DomA

    Upgrade Shure E4 to newer or get ACS custom buds made?

    Hi guys, just wondering whether you all think it's worth me getting some ACS customs made for my Shure E4 or whether I would be better off replacing them with something newer? TBH I've been pretty happy with the sound from the E4 which I've had for a number of years now, but would like a little...
  4. RobinJJ

    Shure E4Cs. Help with fitting sleeves!!

    Hi guys, i'm new to this forum and would appreciate your help.   I bought these E4Cs and the foam buds/sleeves from Shure to fit on them, problem is they don't!   The nozzle is too wide for the new sleeves. The nozzle seems to be like those on  my old E2Cs, and i bought these new...
  5. Matt B

    Substantial improvement from Klipsch S4's sought...Monster copper did not work...please help

    Hey All,   For a long while I owned a set of Shure E4c's which I used for years and really loved. Unfortunately one of the wires developed a short and I had to replace them. I had been reading very good things about the Klipsch S4 and picked those up. While I was quite impressed with them, I...
  6. Matt B

    opinion: any point to high end iems with mp3 music?

    Ok so I am not an audiophile...small improvements in this area or that area do not do it for me...and when I spend significantly more money on a product, I am looking for a wholly improved product with clear and consistent benefits over a less expensive one. I say this because I am well aware of...
  7. FlyPenFly

    How do the old Shure E4C's compare to the modern IEMs?

    I found my old pair of E4Cs and have been listening to them a bit. I normally listen to Nuforce NE-7M and the Audeo PFE's. To be honest, I think the sound better than both although the PFE has a bit better upper end and feel faster, the E4Cs seem to beat them completely in mid range and upper to...
  8. tarheel4985

    Headphones for TV/Movie/Gaming Use in Bed

    I'm shopping for a decent set of headphones to use in bed, mainly for watching TV and movies while my wife sleeps (and occasional gaming).  I originally wanted to get a set of wireless headphones, but after reading more about it I doubt I'll be satisfied with the sound of any of the wireless...
  9. ckacosta

    Any places in the Denver area where I can try out different mid-high end IEM's?

    I need to upgrade from 4+ years of E4C and SCL4.  I would love to try out some different phones before I buy. Anyone know of anything in the Denver area?
  10. straden

    Looking for IEM, that is dramatic upgrade from se530

    I have used shure e4c years ago and then upgraded to shure 530 about 2 years ago  (I've had UE tf10 too) Now I feel like to plunge again and get some upgrading IEM. Are there any universal IEM that can be step up from se530? (meaning like from e4c to se530) Or do I have to go with custom...
  11. GiantCowOfDeath

    Shure SCL4 woes and what to buy next. Am I right to be paranoid?

    Several years ago I bought Shure E4Cs after doing my research on these forums. They were $300 MSRP but I paid $190 or so. The high end at the time was the E500s I believe which could be had for around $300-$350 (MSRP around $500). My memory isn't so good so this may be a little inaccurate.  ...
  12. mike1123

    Shure E4 ----> W3 or UM3X?

    So long story short, one of the wires on my E4's has a short (haha), and I am way out of warranty.  I'm considering either the Westone 3 or UM3X; I'm hesitant to go with Shure again due to the cable problem, even if the new SE535 has a detachable cable...   Anyway, I've searched a lot on...
  13. danzal

    UK eBay - Probable Fake Shure E4-Cs

    As per title.   There's at least one UK seller using a slightly more clever front than the usual fake earphones peddler, and that is by selling them as used with the reason for sale being that they can't get used to them.   Here's the link to the earphones:  ...
  14. vii_haven

    An Attempt at a Review of the Fidelity Triples

    REVIEW OF FIDELITY TRIPLES This review is somewhat long overdue, but I wanted to made sure that what I was hearing was accurate and wanted to review the final sound of the burnt-in Fidelity Triples. I hope its not too scanty, and do take what i say with a pinch of salt, as our preferences and...
  15. AngusYoung

    E4C Problem

    Hello, i have a pair of E4C's and the one side has static/cutting out, i have narrowed the problem to near the jack, if i twist it, it will work right for awhile.   How can i get this repaired?  I'm guessing its not to hard of a repair and i think sure wants close to 200 bucks which doesn't...
  16. Shure E4c-n Sound Isolating Earphones (Black)

    Shure E4c-n Sound Isolating Earphones (Black)

    In sleek black, to go with some of today's newest MP3 and other audio players. The cutting-edge industrial design of the E4c is a breakthrough in sound isolating earphone technology. Ideal for the business traveler and on-the-go audiophile, the High-Definition Driver with Tuned Port Technology...