1. audiofan

    How much money have you spent on headphones in total?

    Ive spent about my wife has locked the wallet away!
  2. mps83

    Where can i purchase triple flange eartips for my Monster Turbines in the UK?

    Bought some Monster Turbines last month, unfortunately i was taking the eartip off to clean it and it just snapped, and they are by far the best fitting tips for my ears. The Turbines came with 2 pairs of triple flange tips, i need the smaller of the 2 pairs. Does anyone know where i can source...
  3. hamproof

    How to make se315 more comfortable?

    Hi, I had my E3G for 5 years and it finally broke a tip. Turns out Shure will give me the SE315 for $96 + tax. I thought it was a good deal and went ahead and gotten it. However, I've been trying to wear it for 2 days now even using the smallest foam tip and it feels really bulky. My ear canal...
  4. Shurman292

    Fix my Shure E3g earbuds or get a different/new pair?

    Hi everyone,   Just recently I realized that the left earbud went out on my 5 year old E3g's (audio is very low volume compared to right).  I cleaned it out and there was no improvement.  After looking at Shure's website I realized that it would cost me $80 to have these repaired, plus...
  5. vii_haven

    An Attempt at a Review of the Fidelity Triples

    REVIEW OF FIDELITY TRIPLES This review is somewhat long overdue, but I wanted to made sure that what I was hearing was accurate and wanted to review the final sound of the burnt-in Fidelity Triples. I hope its not too scanty, and do take what i say with a pinch of salt, as our preferences and...
  6. saint.panda

    15 Closed Headphones, 2 Canalphones and a Discussion on Frequency Graphs & Reviews

    Review download (pdf-file): Mediafire Navigation can be handled via bookmarks. Changes and addendums to the review can be found under '1.3 Background and Additional Information' -> 'Updates History'. Headphones reviewed Audio Technica ATH A900 Audio Technica ATH FC7 AKG K 271...
  7. Shure E3g Gaming Edition Sound Isolating Earphones for Portable Gaming Devices

    Shure E3g Gaming Edition Sound Isolating Earphones for Portable Gaming Devices

    Raise your gaming to a whole new level (or get even greater sound from your Nano!). The Shure E3g helps you get your head in the game with the same award winning sound and design used in the E Series line.The E3g Sound Isolating (tm) Earphones with WideBand MicroDriver technology deliver...