Shure E3g Gaming Edition Sound Isolating Earphones for Portable Gaming Devices

General Information

Raise your gaming to a whole new level (or get even greater sound from your Nano!). The Shure E3g helps you get your head in the game with the same award winning sound and design used in the E Series line.The E3g Sound Isolating (tm) Earphones with WideBand MicroDriver technology deliver extended-range audio with precision highs while blocking outside noise. Sleek and lightweight, the E3g is the perfect accessory for your portable gaming devices. The E3g includes a selection of interchangeable sleeves for a comfortable, personalized fit and a zippered carrying case. In cool black, like the hottest gaming devices. Shure makes audio equipment - microphones, earphones, mixers, etc. that are used by professional musicians the world over. Shure knows sound. If your sound is important to you, you want earphones engineered with the same kind of technology that your favorite divas and bands use to be sure they can hear themselves during a performance. That's Shure's "Sound Isolating" technology. Rather than introducing external elements to block out ambient sound (as noise cancelling earphones do), the Shure system creates a sealed environment that keeps noise out, without covering it up by injecting noise-cancelling artifacts that can interfere with your gaming or your music. You'll hear details you never heard before.


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