1. ramarge3653

    Best Portable Headphone without an amp for $250 max Metal, Rock, and Hip Hop Genres

    I'm looking for recommendations for a portable headphone that will be used solely with my Galaxy S4 playing FLAC audio files.  I'm looking for something to fulfill the Rock/Metal and Hip Hop Genre.  I love bass, but don't want something sloppy that will overpower the mids and highs.   I've...
  2. EkehMayu

    Sennheiser Hd-25 Aluminum vs. V-Moda XS

    I realize there is a 100 dollar difference. The V-Moda XS seems to be really well-received by a general audience, yet there's hardly anything for the aluminum out there.   I was hoping to hear anyone's opinions or impressions that have heard both.   I am getting this for my girlfriend, whom...
  3. dynamiccoins

    sennheiser hd25 replacement

    Hi    First post so hi everyone.   I am a vinyl DJ (1210's) playing oldskool house music and I purchased my Sennheiser hd25's back in 1995 and they have been brilliant but are coming to the end of their days - I've had my monies worth!   So I'm looking for a replacement and of course my...
  4. Sennheiser HD 25 ALUMINUM On-Ear DJ Headphones

    Sennheiser HD 25 ALUMINUM On-Ear DJ Headphones

    To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Sennheiser has given the HD 25 an exciting new look. Sennheisers HD 25 ALUMINIUM has all of the features, which have made the legendary HD 25 the headphones of choice among DJs and sound professionals, but now theyve taken the high quality electronics and...