1. wquiles

    Anyone still using their FreQ Custom IEMs?

    Am I the only one still using their SuperFreq's custom IEM's?       I am using them now with the Fiio E18 & Samsung S3 and Neutron playing FLAC songs, and it sounds very good:     So I am wondering: 1) Do you still listen to your FreQ's? 2) If no, what are you using now/since the...
  2. lecco

    Smartphone with warm sound

    I'm searching for a smartphone with a warm, lush sound and good (for a smartphone) dac (wolfson...). I have samsung s3 that is too bright for me (in comparison for example to fiio X3). All OS goes well (android, windows...) thanks
  3. Guysakar

    Help me set up motorcycle helmet. Please :-)

    Simply put, I want to stream music from an Android based smartphone to my helmet.   I'm thinking of going with an HTC One + Plus, as I can get one fairly inexpensive ($200-$250) on eBay. I wanted to go with the S3 because of its known sound quality, but it only has a 210 Lux screen, thus while...
  4. Chluz

    Anker Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Headphone Review

    So first I should start by saying that Anker sent me these headphones for free to test out. I am however not endorsed or employed by Anker in any other way. So here goes the legal disclaimer: “I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest” Now...
  5. lecco

    Touch Dap with warm sound signature

    I'm searching for a Dap with warm sound signature but also with touch and stable UI.   My experience until now:   Ipod touch 4g: good impact and detail but with soundstage too compressed; also little too bright for me. Samsung s3: less detail and sometimes with grain treble, but with...
  6. chinook9

    Samsung Galaxy S3 to DAC - USB Micro-B male to Mini-B male??

    I am trying to determine if a US Samsung Galaxy S3 will output a digital audio stream that will work with my iBasso D10.   In order to do this I need to obtain a USB cable to connect them.  I know the D10 accepts a Mini-B male end but I'm not sure that the S3 accepts the Micro-B male end...
  7. Azaril000

    Sony Xperia Z2 vs HTC One M8 for best sound quality/functionality

    Hi all, broke my Samsung S3 so looking to upgrade my phone.I have the option of getting HTC One M8 or the Xperia Z2. I don't really want to upgrade back to Samsung as i just came from one and would like to try something new!   I know both phones are similar sizes. The HTC obviously (personal...
  8. trippinonprozac

    Samsung Galaxy S3 to and external DAC/amp or use internal DAC

    Just got a pair of ATH M-50's to use for portable audio and I am trying to work out if its best I just use the internal DAC and run a mini-jack out to something like a Fiio E12 or should I get a combined amp/dac that is compatible with the S3?   I hear the DAC is fairly good in the S3 (I...
  9. Kunlun

    Apex Glacier amp/dac review and appreciation thread

    The successor to the TTVJ Slim is out, the new Apex Glacier   I just got mine and I'll update this post as people start getting theirs and put up reviews and comments.   From talking to Todd, the dac is a big step up from the old one in the Slim. While the amp is basically the same, it...
  10. Samsung S3 4 GB Slim Portable Media Player (Pink)

    Samsung S3 4 GB Slim Portable Media Player (Pink)

    Samsung YP-S3JAR 4GB Red Multimedia Player