replacement pads
  1. energyoverload

    Replacement pads for Sennheiser 500 series?

    I've been using a pair of second-hand HD558s for about 5 years now, and the inside wall of the pads have detached to reveal the inner foam, and it's somewhat annoying. Back in the day when I was more in touch with the audio scene, I've heard alot about about how non-OEM sennheiser replacement...
  2. 1832vin

    looking for replacement pads for momentum 2.0; but something not hot

    I'm in the US. I have the momentum, not as the main listening device, but I don't want to throw a pair of headphones when it's such an easy fix. but the thing is, i tried a few on amazon, they all are super suffocating.... the original was really cool and breathable.... anyone got good ideas...
  3. ZMFheadphones ZMF HD6xx+ Pads

    ZMFheadphones ZMF HD6xx+ Pads

    DIMENSIONS Height: 26mm (tall side) x 22mm (short side) Ear Size: 71mm x 47mm (may vary) Diameter: 106mm, made oval by attachment ring Fits Sennheiser HD580, 600, 650, 660 and 6XX Available in suede, solid lambskin, and perforated lambskin All pads are hand stitched and dimensions are...
  4. tynext

    Replacement Pads for Sony MDR-NC6 Headphones?

    I got a used pair of MDR-NC6's from a family friend, but the pads are shredded to bits. Can anyone help me with recommendations for pad replacements? I've heard that some Beyerdynamic Velour Pads can fit as a good replacement, but I'm not sure.
  5. Dekoni pads for Sony WH1000XM2

    Dekoni pads for Sony WH1000XM2

    Replacement pads for the Sony WH1000XM2 noise cancelling bluetooth headphones. These pads offer superior comfort and a better fit for those of us with larger ears.
  6. kofa

    NVX XPT100 - how to fit replacement earpads?

    Hi, I've bought a pair of replacement ComfortMax angled earpads. How do I install them? I thought they'd come with the plastic 'ring' (more of an oval) that I can just install by twisting the old earpads off, put the new ones in place, then twist them to lock in place; but these are just the...
  7. echoplex

    Best/best value replacement pads for AKG K249 DF

    What do folks here recommend as best overall and/or best value replacement pads for the AKG K240 DF? I find the stock pads uncomfortable and not thick/deep enough to allow sufficient clamping pressure to my (apparently small) head. Do your favored replacement pads change the sound and/or the...