1. theaudiologist1

    Is DSD in general more quiet than PCM?

    Is DSD in general more quiet than PCM? I have a DAC that outputs 28mW into 300Ohms and my headphones are 470 Ohms at 98dB sensitivity, but surprisingly, it gets very loud even with classical on the PCM side. It still does loud enough on DSD on non-classical music, but with classical, it gets a...
  2. theaudiologist1

    Audirvana settings and a question regarding DSD

    Hi. I configured my A+ SoX settings using people's settings from across the internet. But there's one thing none of them mentioned: The delta-sigma DSD filter type (the one with letters and order (eg. A (5th order))). 1) What is the best delta-sigma filter setting? Does it do anything drastic...
  3. christian u

    Native DSD makes DSD 512 version of the Sound Liaison DXD original, upsampling???

    Help me understand this; Native DSD has just released a sampler with 5 tracks in DSD 512. It says; "These higher bit rate DSD 512 tracks are all pure DSD created. They are not up samplings, for there are no PCM or DXD conversions involved in their production."... ? I happen to own the last track...
  4. State Of Trance

    Bluray Player: Lossless audio from L/R RCA jacks if audio track is 2.0?

    I have a Panasonic DMP-BD87 Bluray player I got for 10 bucks from Goodwill. It has left and right RCA audio jacks, which I'm hooking into some computer speakers using a male L & R RCA (The BD player) to male 3.5 mm jack (the speakers). Obviously I'm not going to be listening to the full-blown...
  5. Moonstar

    Audirect Beam DAC/AMP for Android, iOS, PC & MAC

    Audirect Beam DAC/AMP for Android, iOS, PC & MAC The Beam is the second USB DAC of the Chinese Company Audirect, which has a very small size of 52x14x6mm. It supports Native DSD & PCM and is compatible with operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows and MAC. Audirect Offical Webiste...
  6. Mifi

    DAC TEST Files

    2 minutes of same source audio in DXD, DSD, PCM and FLAC: http://www.soundliaison.com/all-categories/6-compare-formats