1. eadon08

    Help picking the right headphone

    Ok so I have been scouring the internet for the past two months trying to determine the right headphones to use.  I've heard many times that the DT 770's are really good headphones with bass.  So here's kinda what I'm looking for/using them with:     1) Bass -  i want a good full sized...
  2. Armaegis

    [Review] Ortofon HD-Q7

    This little powerhouse is almost unheard of here on headfi, which is a shame. Reviews online are practically nil*, and to the best of my knowledge ALO Audio is the only distributor in North America. edit: Headfonia posted a review a couple weeks ago: http://www.headfonia.com/ortofon-hd-q7/  ...
  3. Nachash

    Details battle: Ortofon O-One vs Phiaton PS320. Which one is better?

    Ok, so... i'm really confused, i don't know which one should i choose. I know that the O-one is less expensive, and i know that both of them are detailed/analytical. But i don't know which one has the most detail. Any suggestion?
  4. david1978jp

    Ortofon O-One is which Ultrasone S-Logic?

    Ortofon O-One looks so pretty, and it uses S-Logic. I wonder which Ultrasone is it ? I emailed them, but my email was returned. O-One
  5. mythless

    REVIEW: Ortofon O-One (Updated: 840, M50 vs O-One Comparison)

    Brief Introduction:   The Ortofons O-One is part of the company’s new line up for DJs.  Also included on this new lineup is the O-One’s younger brother the O-Two.   The O-One are considered for studio and mixing uses.  I am not a DJ so don’t ask me anything DJ related as I would not know.  ...
  6. Ortofon O-one Headphones, Black

    Ortofon O-one Headphones, Black

    Ortofon O One Headphones offer you the same high quality as Ortofon's renowned styli and cartridges. O One headphones feature a strong, loud output signal (frequency range of 10–22,000Hz and sound pressure level of 112 dB) and rugged construction to withstand heavy-duty DJing or studio use...