1. Blafili RTX

    Blafili RTX

    UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE - The transmitter dongle of the blafili RTX can transmit audio from any audio device that outputs audio through an RCA, USB-C or optical jack( 44.1kHz ONLY ) – TV, Projector, Stereo Receiver, Blu-ray Player and even some electric musical instruments. The receiver dongles...
  2. J

    Raspberry Pi optical in delay

    Hi, I am using a raspberry pi with the HiFiBerry Digi+ I/O module. The raspberry pi is connected to a DAC and speaker system. I use it to allow streaming from spotify (using raspotify) and redirect the optical output from my TV. However, there is a significant delay (~1+ second) when i redirect...
  3. FiiO K11

    FiiO K11

    Fiio K11 DAC/AMP
  4. nyetjones

    Optical digital audio output for Mac discontinued - solutions?

    Hi all - I have a 2008 iMac with a SPID/F digital optical output embedded in the headphone jack. I have a cable that connects that directly to my DAC and everything works great. However, my computer is in its death throes so I’d like to get a Mac desktop to replace it. However, Mac...
  5. V

    Fx audio dac-x6 mkii/ Recommendation pls! (DAC/AMP with optical)

    Hi Guys, I recently came across this DAC/AMP all in one solution: Fx audio dac-x6 mkII Has anyone tried/tested this DAC before or any reviews around it? Happy to explore similarly priced alternative options as well. Looking for an entry-level DAC/AMP with an Optical port powerful enough to run...
  6. SMSL M100 MKII

    SMSL M100 MKII

  7. Lifatec TOSLINK Optical Cable

    Lifatec TOSLINK Optical Cable

    Premium TOSLINK cable using 470 glass fibers. Available in custom lengths. Sold exclusively by Lifatec on their web site.
  8. Olafcx

    Questions about digital coax/optical

    Hi I use a mojo as a portable DAC. Unfortunately for some reason it's breaking down crazy fast and the micro USB input won't last much longer. Durability is awful. Got an early model I think. USB needs to be angled just right and even then I need to put a lot of force on it for it to not...
  9. Nidhal

    Budget DAC/Amp w/ 6.3mm jack

    Hello headfiers, As the title suggests, I'm looking for a budget, around the price of the FiiO E10k (or cheaper) desktop DAC/Amp combo unit for headphones but with a 6.3mm output jack. It's not about sound quality really rather I hate using a 6.3 to 3.5mm adapter and the 3.5mm plug is too weak...
  10. e-alromaithi

    DT 990 + DAC/AMP ? (Gaming Setup)

    Hey Guys! I have a couple of questions. I am willing to buy a DT 990 and I already have the Sound Blaster Z sound card. Which one should i take, 250 ohms or 600 ohms ? Is the sound card enough to drive the headphones ? If not, I believe that I need a DAC with optical input (To benefit from...
  11. wolfmath

    CD Player with Digital Out

    I've been looking for a CD player with digital output, preferably SPDIF/optical. I would like to be able to play CDs, but go through the good DAC that I already own. Does something like this exist, and is it affordable?
  12. T

    PS4 Sound Settings/ Optical vs HDMI

    Hey Guys, My setup: -Fiio E17 docked to a Fiio E9K ( Headphones AKG Q701 ) - Optical cable runs from the E17 to my TV -Tv is getting sound via HDMI from the PS4 - PS4 set to PCM Questions: -Does it make a difference if i connect my E17 directly with the PS4 ( via Optical ) in Soundquality? -...