1. MrMonte

    Hello - Advice Sought From the Experts

    Hello to all. I read reviews here regularly and am always impressed with the resident expertise here. I would very, very much appreciate your thoughts on helping me find "just the right" IEM. I own about five pairs - I like the search - and just recently rediscovered my Nu-Force NE-6s. I hadn't...
  2. jasonl

    NuForce Redefines Affordable High-Quality Earbuds with NE-600X ($24.95) and NE-770X ($49)

    We just release two new earphones that will surprise you with the sound quality. Giant killer? Try it for yourself.   NE-770X ($49) uses the same driver as NE-700X without the titanium coating. It is easier to drive for mobile audio devices and if you are not using a headphone amp (such as...
  3. HeadphoneAddict

    Mini-Review: Nuforce NE-770X and NE-600 budget earphones

      First Impressions of Nuforce NE-770X and NE-600X:   Please be sure to see my NE-700X review at and my      Nuforce NE-7M review...
  4. mark2410

    NuForce NE-770X Review

    NuForce NE-770X Review   Thanks to Nuforce for the sample       First Impressions:  Believe it or not this will actually be the first Nuforce IEM will have heard.  I know the original 700 made a big fuss when it came out but since I don’t live south of Canada they were not so...
  5. FightBrothers

    Which is better? the NE-7M? or the NE-770X?

    both are pretty cheap but i don't know which one is better. didn't see much comparison between the two iem so i thought i would just ask instead of looking up reviews
  6. neuheadfi

    Trade-in NE-7M for 50% discount on NE-770X ?

    I ve got email from NuForce "As recently announced, the NuForce NE-770X earphones retail for $49. NuForce is offering a 50% trade-in discount toward the purchase of the NE-770X earphones to customers who earlier purchased NuForce NE-6, NE-7M, or NE-8 earphones. Please follow these instructions...
  7. Armaegis

    [Review/Comparison] Nuforce IEMs: NE-600X, NE-700X, NE-770X

    [Review/Comparison] Nuforce IEMs: NE-600X, NE-700X, NE-770X       *pics in second post*     Packaging/Accessories   600X: Comes in a hard slim plastic box (reuseable but not really useful for portability), and 1 pair each of S/M/L rubber tips. No carrying case, which is a bit...
  8. Pruikki

    Options for Good in ear buds? List.

    So PLease tell me what to get?   I Like Kanen KM92, Bass is good, Watching movies with it is Sweet! Reggae music if pleasant coz of the good bass.     Nu force 770X, i have this one too. DOnt like it at all, No bass, All my reggae is now just treble because theres no bass.... Weak...
  9. jheysie

    What earphones are w/ good bass and sound quality

    I can't decide which earphones i would buy - sennheiser cx300 II, brainwavz m2 or nuforce ne-700x/770x. I always listen to the music of Owl City, Linkin Park and Skrillex so which earphones I mention are would fit for this type of musics. With a good bass, sound quality and not sacrificing the...
  10. wolfgang0119

    [NuForce Summer Promotion] Free NE-770 Giveaway

        NuForce is dedicated to providing the best quality sound for everything we make. This commitment to quality includes our NE-770X earphones, which we will like to bring to your attention. The NE-770X features a wide-range, non-metallic driver configured to produce a natural, supremely...
  11. mr.gone

    NuForce NE-770X vs. MEElectronics M6 review

    After I lost my NuForce NE-7Ms about a year ago, I decided to try the MElectronics M6 because of the positive reviews and because I didn't want to lose another $50 set. I use them mainly at the gym. My gym bag is black, so having black-corded phones made it a little harder to check on whether I...
  12. erkston

    ECCI PR200 MK II and other <$50 IEMs

    I'm in the market for some under $50 IEMs and came across ECCI PR200.  ECCI just released mk II and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them, or could compare them to other IEMs in that price range.  I have been googling around and can't find much info on the mk II's at all, so any...
  13. NuForce NE770X Carbon In-ear Headphones

    NuForce NE770X Carbon In-ear Headphones

    The NuForce NE-770X features design principles similar to those of the highly acclaimed NE-700, but with a somewhat different personality. The NE-770X wide-range, non-metallic drivers have been configured to produce a natural, supremely musical sonic signature without sacrificing dynamic punch...