1. Snoodge

    Monitor01 USB + Laptop = FRUSTRATION Where AC3/DTS is concerned... HELP!

    I've had this Musiland Monitor01 USB for over a year now and its an absolute pleasure to listen to and use.    Now that thats out of the way hopefully someone can help me out here... I used to have an almost identical problem with a USB M-Audio Transit.    So I decided to use my Asus...
  2. Deicide3

    which of the following DAC's is the best by audio and built quality

    i'm looking for a dac for my headphones, and i know that amp will be overkill for them. so i decided to buy a cheap DAC that will improve the sound and my enjoyment of my music. so far i've found these dac's but dident find any review about the sound and built quality. Hifimediy Sabre USB DAC...
  3. MaximumSandvich

    Could someone identify what kind of connections are on this DAC?   I need to know what kind of connections those are for the USB in and RCA out, since I want to buy some better cables than the ones included.
  4. JosephsART

    Why are USB S/PDIF interfaces so expensive?

    Hi Head-fiers, I'm a long time lurker first time poster, and this time my wallet is stumped!   I was hoping someone could kindly educate me about USB to S/PDIF interfaces.   I find that the Schiit Bifrost DAC is $450+ and houses a 24/192KHz C-Media CM6631 USB interface, so why would...
  5. godlyatheist

    Musiland Monitor 01 US driver issue

    I've had the 01 US for 2 years now. I just upgraded to a new laptop so I decided to try the newer drivers. Driver version installs correctly but I never get any sound. The bars move on the driver page and the volume graph moves in foobar2000 but there isn't any sound. After installing...
  6. bobby92

    Looking for some advice about my current audio setup

    Hey there everyone,   I've been browsing these forums for quite some time now, I'm considering buying some new audio equipment. I've got a pair of M-Audio BX5a deluxe monitors, Grado SR-60i's, and a Yamaha MW10 mixing board. My main question is whether if it would be a good idea to...
  7. Radioboy86


    I updated drivers on my MUSILAND Monitor 01 US 24bit/192khz sound card/DAC and to my suprise Win 7 lets me choose 32 bit playback bit depth? Is this correct? It has to be a trick haha. any help would be appreciated.
  8. Zelaxe

    Inexpensive Soundcard/DAC for headphones

    I have bought the Sennheiser HD598 and I'm using it combined with the integrated sound card on my motherboard. I want to buy an external soundcard or DAC since I'm already using all of my PCI/PCI-E slots. The furthest I am willing to go is around 100USD unless there is some significantly better...
  9. Magna224

    Headphone reccomendation

    I am looking for new headphones for my pc. I have been using my UE SF5 EB's for a little while but I want to get full headphones. I was looking at the A700 but everyone says they lack bass. I would be fine with anything that can match or come close to my SF5 EB.  I am looking in the under $150...
  10. DanielofDenmark

    Recommend me some good $800+/- complete rigs for home use

        Hey Head-Fi,   I'VE DECIDED TO UP MY BUDGET TO $800, AS I'VE BEEN CONSIDERING THE HIFIMAN HE-4+EF5 COMBO     In April I'll get some money due to my 18th birthday, and I really want a good home rig, as I can never hear music on my speakers.  I want a pair of full-size...
  11. Musiland Monitor 01 US

    Musiland Monitor 01 US

    Compact 24-Bit 192 kHz USB DAC with headphone amp. Volume is controlled by the PC or client software and the unit is powered by the USB port on your PC. The Monitor 01 US has 1 USB input and optical, RCA analog and a 1/8” headphone output.