1. P

    Is there a way to save this ATH-MSR7b cable?

    The headphones dropped on the floor accidentally from the kitchen table and now the left connector of the 3.5 jack cable has this crack below the pin. If plugged in normally, the driver doesn’t emit sound. However, if I put in some force and hold it tight inside then it does and sounds fine...
  2. B

    Balanced Option Worth it on Audio Technica ATH-MSR7B Galaxy S10?

    Hello, First post here. I recently purchased my first headphones, the MSR7B with HM5 pads. I am a total newbie to this hobby so please bear with me. Currenty, I’m only using the non balanced cable connected to my Samung Galaxy S10 phone ,using the the Poweramp App. I tried using the recommended...
  3. I

    Upgrading from ATH-MSR7b + FiiO Q1Mk2

    Hi guys! I've looking through the forums and some other sites but would want some experienced recommendations. Current setup: style: Mobile source: Deezer HiFi (via laptop and iPhone) dac/amp: FiiO Q1Mk2 Headphones: AudioTechnica MSR7b (i plug in via the dac's 2.5mm port) plan: I am saving...
  4. Nikolay Vutov

    Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Audio-Technica has announced new Hi-Res closed-back “Sound Reality” headphones ATH-MSR7b as an upgrade of the award-winning ATH-MSR7. They are available in black and gunmetal. The ATH-MSR7b headphones give you the latest in high-resolution headphone technology, combining the advanced...
  5. Dr1v3r

    Going through a dilemma with the Sony MDR-1AM2

    Hello everybody. I’ve been testing my new MDR-1AM2s for about 2 and a half weeks but I can’t decide if I should keep them or not. My biggest concern about these particular headphones is that it picks every single error that any track can have. For instance: some of them sound 'more loudly' on...