1. Shanling

    Shanling M30 - Modular Design | Digital Player | Streaming | Balanced | DAC | AMP | Tubes | Wi-Fi | Bluetooth | Battery power

    Today at Guangzhou High End show, we revealed our latest product, Shanling M30. This is still fairly early concept of our new modular design, that should provide standalone digital player, balanced DAC, balanced Amplifier, tube-based outputs, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, all...
  2. starpause

    [FS] AIAIAI TMA-2 Components (Mint, TMA2)

    Would like to sell as a set (was $320 new, make an offer), but will go individual if there's something you're after: S04, S01 E03, E07 H01 C01 A01 Fun set especially for a head-fi nerd looking to customize their listening experience. I already have too many closed back headphones and want to...