1. Questyle M12i — Mobile DAC/Amp

    Questyle M12i — Mobile DAC/Amp

    Questyle M12i The Questyle M12i comes as a successor to the highly-acclaimed M12 that came out in 2021, with improved sonic capabilities, better aesthetics, and MFi certification. Automatically detects impedance for improved performance with a variety of headphones Can handle up to...
  2. Questyle M12 (Mobile DAC/Amp)

    Questyle M12 (Mobile DAC/Amp)

    This is a DAC/Amp that I believe is worthy of its $139 price tag. How come? You’ve got not only the extremely resolving mobile DAC/amp that gives you an utterly coherent sound...
  3. Bluecactus123

    Best audiophile phones apart from LG

    With LG shutting down their phone division, many people will have to find a replacement for their V and G series of LG phones, including myself. Are there any other phones which deliver as good audio experience as LG? Thanks
  4. Xduoo XQ-20

    Xduoo XQ-20

  5. smallcaps


    As an avid Pokemon trainer, I've been playing the Pokemon games since I was a kid. Now as an adult, all my Pokemon dreams have come true with the advent of Pokemon Go and the latest feature releases of 2018. As it's a social game, I hope that I can find some like-minded trainers here, at my...
  6. K

    Best HIGH QUALITY Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    I have Sonos throughout my home, but because of the horrific wi-fi quality it's virtually unusable. Is there such thing as a portable bluetooth speaker that is very high quality? If so, any suggestions?
  7. weapon

    Mobile Phone recommendations for IEMs

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm looking at replacing my current mobile phone (HTC M8s) and I am looking for some recommendations. What I am really looking for is a mobile phone with a low output impedance to drive my Westone UM Pro 20. After a lot of googleing, I found it is really...
  8. BDT770

    Aune B1 & FiiO E10K or Aune X1S

    Hello, Which one do you think is better, as from what there is in stores nearby, I have to chose either between Aune B1 + FiiO E10K as a dac, or Aune X1s as an amp/dac. What i am curious about is if someone knows the difference in quality between the B1 and the X1s and if FiiO is a good DAC...